What should we expect from 2017’s football team?


Members of the University of Kentucky Football Team hangout on the field during the media day at Kroger Field on Sunday July 30, 2017 in Lexington, KY.

As our summer days dwindle, UK football season is coming closer, but what should we expect out of the squad this season?

Not only are the Cats on the field going to look different, the atmosphere around the stadium has changed drastically. After Kroger bought the naming rights to Commonwealth Stadium, K Lot frequenters are welcomed by “Welcome to Kroger Field,” and not “Welcome to Commonwealth Stadium.” Not only were naming changes made, but many speculate the logo being on the field as well.

After that long, frigid game in Louisville last year, kicker Austin MacGinnis lining up for that game-winning field goal probably made last year’s season a historic one, but this season may be more exciting. Not experiencing huge loses to the NFL and graduation could give the Cats the start they’ve wanted for a while.

But with students back in classes and Caturday approaching rapidly, what should we expect out of this team after a bowl season?

As many expected, Stephen Johnson is the starting quarterback, so what should we expect to see in Stoop’s offense? Johnson can be played in multiple ways and still get into that end zone, but expect a consistency out of the senior. Everyone knows Johnson has a cannon, but is that where he is most effectively used? The corner and dump passing routes will bring this team to victory on Saturday, or so we are hoping.

Mark Stoops not only has a monster quarterback in Johnson, but the running back core is going to be a huge help in the red zone, led by sophomore running back Benny Snell Jr., one of the biggest surprises out of a freshman since Randall Cobb. His physical appearance makes him look like a halfback, but with the speed of a running back. If Johnson and the wide receivers trout down the field, Snell can punch it in for an easy six.

Unfortunately, the Cats don’t start at home this year, so fans have to wait another week. But, can we see a preview at Southern Miss? Are the Cats going to keep a lead and come as victors? With consistency in the offense, not only can the Cats beat Southern Miss, but they’ll be in the same situation as last year, playing in hot weather in December.