Poem: dolce far niente

Cindy Sossa

This short story ran in part in the April 20, 2023 literary edition. 

Sometimes my body shuts down, reminding me I am simply a running physiology
everything intertwined, whether through migraines, muscle aches,
or not being able to concentrate.
“Silly organs
don’t you know there are responsibilities to be done?
Early bird gets the worm!”
But like a stubborn child to whom I gently
pull by the hand my skeleton just resists, snatching her hand back
so she can cross her arms and aggressively shake her head.
I give in
though I get anxious just at the thought of simply existing;
you mean to tell me doing nothing is doing something?
Newfound stories of where my saul is turned into paul,
what was once perceived as laziness is now enlightened to be life.
My rest is its own rebellion and
at the end of it all
the victory
is ever so sweet.