Poem: I love you

LaNasia Mason

This short story ran in part in the April 20, 2023 literary edition. 

I love you 

is a phrase i’m not shy of saying 

to profess my love and admiration of those dear to my heart 

but that’s where I get caught 

I love who I love 

But do I love me ? 

Do I love myself unconditionally?

now that’s a question i’m uncertain about 

because of course I love me 

but at times I feel empty 

I feel lost 

I possess a person who stuck and just wants to be free 

in a world full of pain 

I hurt myself the most 

I downplay who I am 

to accept the pain and fate brought on by others 

I feel less of who I am 

when that should never be the case 

I am more than I give myself credit for 

I am more than just a face 

I am more than you allow me to be 

so the truth is…

yes I love myself unconditionally 

but do you love yourself enough to not hate me.