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Advertising Terms


Ads: Ad sizes are approximate. Kentucky Kernel will not accept ads that are libelous; promote academic dishonesty; violate federal, state or local laws; or encourage discrimination against any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, color, creed, religion, national origin or disability. Providing copy, photos and/or graphics represents that you have permission to use them. We reserve the right to edit or reject any ad copy, photos, graphics or entire ads. Kentucky Kernel encourages responsibility and good taste in advertising. Political ads must show clear endorsement. Ads having the appearance of news must be bordered, show clear sponsorship, and have the word “advertisement” printed above the ad. “Business opportunity” ads must provide sufficient information so that we may determine if the ad is in the best interest of our students. No ads will be published upside down, sideways or in any manner not consistent with traditional newspaper layout.


Errors: In case of error or omission, Kentucky Kernel’s liability, if any, will not exceed charge for the space occupied by the error. Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for errors that do not decrease the value of the ad. Liability for any error is limited to the first insertion of the erroneous ad. Adjustments will not be considered unless the ad manager is notified of the error before the next insertion, or within five days following a single insertion.

Refunds/Cancellations: No refunds on prepaid advertising. Insertion orders will not be canceled after the space deadline.


Credit: New accounts may be required to pay in advance. Established businesses with an approved credit application may be extended credit on a 30-day basis; new businesses require one year or more of operation before credit can be considered. Credit applications are available from the ad manager. Accounts that are unpaid after 60 days will not be extended credit, and a significant portion of the balance must be paid before further ads will be accepted. Verbal agreements, promises or waivers pertaining to credit not contained in this rate card are not binding.


Discounts: Advertising clients purchasing ads at the multi-ad rate or clients receiving a discount via monthly specials must prepay to receive the discount. Clients with an established payment history may be exempt from prepayment with approval of the ad manager.


Deadlines: Reserve space by 3 pm three business days prior to publication date. Materials for ads designed by Kentucky Kernel are due by 5pm four business days prior; proof must be approved by noon three business days prior to publication. Print-ready ads are due by 3 pm two business days prior to publication. If you do not meet the deadline, and you have not made arrangements with the ad manager, we may choose to run an ad we have on file for you, or reschedule your ad.


Open Rates

All rates are per column inch.

Columns x Height x Rate = Price


Open Rate – $11.50 (net)

Non-profit Rate – $10.40

University Rate – $9.50



Color is available any day of publication for any size at the following prices:

$4 per column inch

$60 minimum

$225 maximum


Space Deadlines

Friday at noon


Digital deadlines – Two days prior to start date


Ad Content

A digital form of your ad is due at 3pm two days before the ad is scheduled to run.


Acceptable files include:

PDF – .pdf

TIFF – .tif

JPEG – .jpg

Photoshop – .psd


All ads must be in a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for print and 72 dpi for digital.

Kentucky Kernel has a full creative department that can create and execute advertisements for your company.


Contract Rates

Column Inches % Discount $/ci Yrly Minimum
250 – 349 8% 9.43 $2,357.50
350 – 499 21% $9.09 $3,181.50
500 – 749 27% $8.40 $4,200.00
750 – 999 33% $7.71 $5,782.50
1000 – 1499 39% $7.02 $7,020.00
1500 – 1999 41% $6.79 $10,185.00
2000 – 2999 42% $6.67 $13,340.00
3000 – 4499 44% $6.44 $19,320.00


Advertisement Sizing


Display Column Sizes

3 Columns – 5.247”

6 Columns – 10.625”


Full page: 6 x 10.5

Half-page horizontal: 6 x 5

Half-page vertical: 3 x 10.5

1/4 page: 3 x 5


Common Ad Sizes

Sizing conventions include the column number followed by the height in inches. For example, an ad that is 3 columns wide and 5 inches high would be referred to as a 3×5 ad. However, the actual dimensions would measure 5.247 by 5.


Special Publications


Welcome Back

Aug. 21, deadline Aug. 11. Tabloid section. One of the largest editions of the semester, promoting opportunities and services for students as the semester begins. Regular open rates apply.


Football Preview

Aug. 28, deadline Aug. 18. Tabloid section. Looks at the upcoming football season. KEG rates and sizes apply.


Big Blue Madness

Oct. 9, deadline Sept. 29. Broadsheet. Highlights the event introducing the basketball team. KEG rates and sizes apply.


Basketball Preview

Nov. 6, deadline Oct. 27. Tabloid section. Looks at opponents, upcoming games, outlook of team. KEG rates and sizes apply.



Dec. 11, deadline Dec. 1. Tabloid section. A section right before finals to help relieve stress, wish students well, wish them happy holidays, etc. KEG rates and sizes apply.


Spring Semester

Welcome Back

Jan. 8, deadline Jan. 2. Tabloid section. One of the largest editions of the semester, promoting opportunities and services for students as the semester begins. KEG rates and sizes apply.


Basketball Post Season Preview

March 5, deadline Feb. 23. Tabloid. Highlights the upcoming tournaments and a look at the Cats run to the championship. KEG rates and sizes apply.


Best of UK

April 30, deadlines April 20. Tabloid section. The top locations voted on by UK’s community. KEG rates and sizes apply.


Senior Send off Kickback

April 30, deadline April 20. Tabloid section. Designed to help students relieve stress and wish our seniors farewell. KEG rates and sizes apply.


Special publications ad rates:

Full Page 9.667″ x 9.5″ : BW: $800 Color: $1025

Horizontal Half Page 9.66″ x 4.75″ : BW: $425 Color: $550

Vertical Half Page 4.76″ x 9.5″ : BW: $425 Color: $550

Quarter Page 4.76″ x 4.75″ : BW: $250 Color: $310

Eighth Page 4.76″ x 2.375″ : BW: $150 Color: $210


Premium Placement 6,000):

Inside Cover 9.667″ x 9.5″ – $1500 (includes Color)

Back Cover 9.667″ x 9.5″ – $1700 (includes Color)




Inside UK – August 1, deadline July 7

8.625” x 11.125”

Quarter page (3.875in x 5.125in): $450

Half page (4.875in x 10.5in): $775

Full page (8in x 10.5in): $1,400

Back page (8.25in x 10.75in): $1,900

Inside front cover (Pg. 2) (8in x 10.5in): $1,700

Inside back cover (8in x 10.5): $1,600

Centerspread: $3,600


Distribute 10,000 copies directly into dorm rooms at the beginning of the Fall Semester. The publication highlights the campus and surrounding area.


KRNL fashion and lifestyle magazine

Fall: Oct. 4, deadline Sept. 1

Spring: March 7, deadline Feb. 1

8.5 x 11″

Eighth page (3.15in x 2.125in): $180

Quarter page (3.15in x 4.25in): $325

Half page horizontal (6.3in x 4.25in): $560

Half page vertical (3.13in x 8.5in): $560

Full page (6.3in x 8.5in): $1,000

Back page: $1,500

Inside covers: $1,200

Combo rates: Fall and spring issues, 1/8 page $306, ¼ page $555, ½ page $950, full page $1,700, back page $2,550, inside cover $2,040


Distribute 5,000 copies on campus and surrounding area. Highlights the latest fashion and trends from local vendors. Advertisers have the opportunity to showcase their merchandise in the photo shoots.


Year in Photos – April 18, deadline March 23

8.625” x 11.125”

Eighth page (3.875in x 2.4375in): $180

Quarter page (3.875in x 5.125in): $325

Half page (3.875in x 10.5in): $500

Full page (8in x 10.5in): $800

Back page: $1,300

Inside covers: $1,000

Centerspread: $2,200


Nearly 100 pages of news and sports photos packed into a full color magazine. Distribute 2,500 copies in racks on and off campus, and hand out at high traffic campus locations.


Dining Guide – Jan. 31, deadline Jan. 11

Full page (no bleed) (5.25in x 8in): $499

Full page (with bleed) (6in x 9in): $499


Distribute 10,000 copies on and around campus. The publication highlights campus and surrounding dining options in conjunction with the UK Plus card.


Kernel Classifieds

Line rates:

1 week:

1-25 words: $35.00

26-39 words: 25 cents per word, per day


2 consecutive weeks:

1-25 words: $60.00

26-39 words: 25 cents per word, per day


3 consecutive weeks:

1-25 words: $85.00

26-39 words: 25 cents per word, per day


4 consecutive weeks:

1-25 words: $100.00

26-39 words: 25 cents per word, per day


Ads must be prepaid unless credit has been established. Cash, check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

Classified Ads deadline is 3 PM the business day before publication.



At no additional charge, your classifieds are also available online at However, there are additional upgrades to enhance your ad, both in print and online.


Frame: $20 per week

Bold text: $10 per week

Underlined text: $10 per week

All caps: $10 per week

Italicized text: $10 per week

Column size display: $11.50 per column inch


Digital Advertising at

Purchase by Impressions: Local website. $6.00/1,000 impressions. Minimum 50,000 impressions (about one month)

Extended Reach (to National sites based on geotargeting content, demographics, retargeting search):

Search Retargeting only: $15.00/1,000 impressions. Minimum 25,000 impressions

Behavioral/Geo/Demo Only: $12.00/1,000 impressions. Minimum 25,000 impressions

All inclusive: $25.00/1,000 impressions. Minimum 50,000 impressions.

Online Ad sizes:

Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels

Box: 300 x 250 pixels

The only apartment site solely focused on UK students, faculty and staff. If you’re targeting the UK community, there is no better place to advertise.

Premier listing: $2500/year

Feature listing: $1800/year

Basic Listing: $1500/year


Email Blast

Sent to 5,000 daily, advertising space is available on this email digest featuring the latest news from Kentucky Kernel.



Friends to Follow

Friends to Follow is a live stream of social media posts, placed on Your social media posts automatically feed into our Friends to Follow widget.


$200/month for 6 months

$125/month for 12 months


Ad Racks:

Size of Ad: 17.25″ x 21.25″

Cost: $150-550

*Cost includes printing. Prices vary depending on location. Call for more information.