Letter To The Editor

Britney McIntosh

Britney McIntosh

(In response to Rachael Wylie’s article “A gym-goer’s plea to campus”, published on Jan. 31, 2011).

How should I describe the subject matter of this author’s article? Her article was pompous, condescending and ostracizing.

This article not only supports the excessively superficial gym goers on campus but it also ostracizes the enormous group of individuals motivated by other factors excluding the model physique.

Exercising is not always about burning calories and pumping iron to produce a leaner you.

For many people it is a relaxation technique.

Miss. Wylie, please do all the pleasant gym goers a favor by leaving your elitist and negative attitude at home next time you decide to go to the gym.

It is people who share the opinion you stated in your article that make it increasingly difficult for new gym goers to continue down a path that already has enough resistance. People who maintain healthy and physically fit lifestyles should be supportive of all shapes, sizes and speeds.