Food truck partners with ice cream shop to give Lexington waffle variety

Jack Pilgrim

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There are countless dining options for UK students on or around campus. Between craving a late night Cook Out run, or just a quick sandwich at Common Grounds, students are bound to never go hungry.

Even with the multitude of food options, students sometimes have the itch for something different than their typical meal selections.

“Whooo Wants Waffles?” brings a new style of eatery to Lexington, offering delicious waffles and ice cream to those roaming the streets of downtown on their lunch hour or for dinner.

Colin Sleeper, owner and founder of “Whooo Wants Waffles?,” came up with the idea for the food truck after visiting Belgium two summers ago.

“I fell in love with the waffles there, and wanted to share them with Lexington,” Sleeper said. “I wrote the business plan in May of last year, bought the truck in June, and built it with the help of some friends. I opened (the truck) in late September.”

“Whooo Wants Waffles?” offers a wide variety of waffle-styles to satisfy even the pickiest of customers, ranging from whipped cream, chocolate, Nutella, peanut butter, cookie butter, ice cream and even bacon.

Since opening the food truck, Sleeper decided to partner with “Sav’s Chill,” a popular ice cream shop in downtown Lexington, to give his food truck a frozen compliment to their waffles.

This unique eatery isn’t just for students and the younger generations. “Whooo Wants Waffles?” also caters for parties, weddings, and corporate events.

As a food truck, they travel throughout Lexington to give their growing fan base the waffles and ice cream they crave. For more information on their variety of waffles go to