Does what you post online matter for your career?


Via Flickr.

Today, social media sites are a pillar of our society. Facebook just reached 2 billion users, Snapchat added a global map to see where your friends are in the world and more platforms are popping up each day. Now, we are asking a questions we didn’t ask ten years ago: how much should you share online? And, more importantly, who does that matter to? 

Almost every other week, a news story blows up about an employee getting fired for posting something on their personal social media accounts. Sometimes, an employee vents publicly about work. Other times, the former employee writes a controversial status, like this sheriff’s deputy who wrote about almost shooting someone.

Even before hiring an employee, most employers check the applicants’ social media accounts. Instead of treating social media like a private conversation between friends, treat it like you are talking in public as it is a public forum. 

I would recommend keeping personal accounts like Facebook and Instagram private and adding only people you know. For other media, like LinkedIn and professional Twitter accounts, keep them work appropriate. 

When you use any social media account, be aware of what is says about you. Remember this is the you that you are showing the world, even your employer.