Don’t let the cold weather cramp your professional style


Peacoat Girl fashion illustration

McKenna Horsley

No matter how low the temperature drops, you still need to make your way to work on chilly mornings. This winter, put a few tricks up your sleeves to spice up your professional wardrobe when frost covers your car’s windshield (and everything else):

1. Invest in a nice coat.

A nice pea coat is always in style and makes you feel your best as the snowflakes fall. Invest in a neutral color heavy winter coat that can go with multiple outfits — it will be an everyday staple piece for you at least until March.

2. Buy special tech gloves.

Before most of us head into the office, we check our email, texts, social media accounts and more on our phones. If you walk to work, you know the age-old winter weather predicament: you must choose between your hands freezing and not checking your phone. To avoid this issue, go to a local department store and look for gloves with special fingertips for touch screen phones. These usually have some kind of texture on the ends and can come very cheap. Now, you can feel warmth in your hands and change your music on the way to work.

3. Get an array of scarves.

Another essential winter accessory is the scarf. To change up that winter coat look, buy scarves in multiple colors and patterns. Warm colors in drab cold weather will make you stand out through the holiday season.

4. Work layers into your outfit.

Before you step out the front door in the morning, make sure to bundle up. Gather a palette of clothing items that you can layer over and over again to get new combinations. With a mix of cardigans, long pants, blazers and more, you won’t have to wear the same outfit again until next year. Also, wearing leggings or tights underneath loose pants can help you internalize an extra few degrees.

5. Buy some work-ready boots.

Your feet will thank you. Invest in snow boots that can double as workplace footwear, as your normal dress shoes may not be toasty enough. Leather or fleece-lined boots can offer extra protection in the snow.