Balancing work and health

For many college students, the goal of finally entering the workforce is a life milestone. In the U.S., roughly 127 million employees are on the clock, Statista said. According to the CDC, the average American workers spends more than one-third of their day at work for five days every week.

With this enormous amount of time spend at a job, it’s hard to wonder how some balance their work and personal lives. In almost any job, work-related stress is all but guaranteed. Plus, some medical professionals are worried that sitting constantly at an office can increase risk of death from any cause, according to the Mayo Clinic. So, how can you manage your health and your work?

Take a walk break

If it is nice weather outside and you have been cooped up in an office all day, go outside and take a breath of fresh air. Getting your blood pumping in the middle of the day can help you clear your mind and it might just give you that burst of energy you’ve been needing.

Drink more water

Before you reach for yet another cup of coffee, consider drinking water for your afternoon pick me up instead. Being well hydrated can keep you from feeling fatigued and groggy throughout the day. Sometimes, we mistake headaches, tiredness or the feeling of hunger as something other than dehydration. According to a study from the University of Florida, 75 percent of Americans are actually dehydrated.

Relax when you leave work

Sometimes, work absolutely cannot be left at work, but try to leave it there if you can. On your own time after leaving the workplace, try to do something relaxing. Transition your mind from work mode to play mode. Some helpful tasks to do accomplish this with are to watch TV or go to a gym.

Go to sleep

We all know that most adults need eight hours of sleep a night, but achieving that goal can be easier said than done. A goodnight’s rest can to a better mood, weight control, clearer thinking and more, WebMD says. So, turnoff your electronics, clear your mind and start counting sheep.