Make your Twitter professional

Now, more than ever, we must be plugged into the internet.

Sure, many of us spend more hours than we would like to admit to watching funny videos on Facebook, but social networks are increasingly important to make professional connections and find new job opportunities.

Twitter is of these popular social networks, with at least 90 percent of Americans having familiarity with the platform and over 320 million users active on the site in early 2017 according to data from Statista. Many college students are opening accounts to build a professional profile, but what exactly does that mean? Use the following tips to set up a professional Twitter account.

Tweet frequently

To gain followers, be engaging. Tweet links to any work you have online. Make a post about a conference you just attended. Share something interesting you heard in class. If you are just starting to build a professional Twitter, try to set a goal of how often you want to tweet. This goal should be something like sharing something on Twitter at least one a day or a couple times a week.

Make your Tweets blue

Any link or hashtag you put in a tweet will become blue once shared. To gain more discovery on Twitter, use blue! Mention someone directly in a post, use a trending hashtag to make your tweet appear to others who may not follow you or use short links to share content not on Twitter.

Use lists

With millions of accounts to follow on Twitter, the stream of tweets from accounts you follow can get confusing. Use lists, a feature on Twitter, to sort accounts into certain groups, such as “Colleagues” or “Advice accounts.” You can also share these lists in a blog post or with a friend as a link. Using lists is very helpful on platforms like Tweetdeck, where you can set up different streams for different lists. 

Share your handle

Make sure you give out your professional Twitter handle, or username, all the time. List it on your website, resume, business card and anywhere else you provide contact information. This will allow potential employers quick access to learning more about you.