New Year’s resolutions for young professionals

McKenna Horsley

We all get a fresh start at the end of every year and with it, we make a set of new goals to improve ourselves in some aspect.

For some, it can be to improve personal health or learn a new skill. In 2018, I encourage you to improve your professional outlook. Here are a few professional New Year’s Resolutions.

Join a professional organization

No matter what field you are currently studying, you be able to find a correlating professional student organization. These groups often recruit through the year and provide benefits such as a network of other students and professionals, resources to help you find a job or internship and other skills that will help you. Taking the time to join a professional student organization during your college career will show potential employers that you took the effort to go the extra mile while you were a student. Check out OrgSync to find a list of student organizations at UK.

Attend some professional workshops

If you are already in a student organization, chances are you have been invited to at least one professional development program already. Go to these events and keep track of how many you attend. That can make a great resume builder and you can learn some more professional skills catered to you.

Increase your GPA

Yes, your GPA will still matter post-graduation and how much it matters will depend on the type of job you are applying for. According to U.S. News and World Report, professionals who did well in college will place more importance on potential employees’ GPAs. This next semester, take a few steps toward boosting your GPA. Use campus tutoring resources or keep a log of the hours you spend at the library.

Apply for a few internships

Most professors and advisers recommend getting out-of-school experience before you graduate. Apply to multiple internships to increase your chances of getting that experience. Read information from the Career Center to learn about how you can get college credit for that future internship.