Staying engaged at work


Via Pixabay. 

No matter how dedicated to anyone is to their job, everyone at some point gets sluggish in the daily grind. Whether you slack off a little by chatting with other employees, start shopping on Amazon or checking Facebook more often than you should, not being 100 percent active at work is a common issue. 

One study on social media use at work from the University of California, Irvine found that 56 percent of survey participants said that social media at work distracted them and 77 percent of respondents used social media at work. Despite this common problem, you can adopt several ways to stay engaged at work.

Set goals for the day

A great way to keep your mind focused on necessary tasks is to make a to-do list for the day. You can visualize what you need to accomplish and re-check it throughout the day to stay on track. Create the list as a sticky note on your computer or a virtual note on your phone. With these little reminders daily, you can tackle any challenge.

Use website blockers

Some internet browsers allow users to install website blockers that prevent the user from accessing a website for a certain amount of time, such as this one for Google Chrome. You can block Facebook until your lunch break or Twitter so you can prepare for a meeting.

Limit your break-time

Every now and then, it is OK to take a short break to clear your head, but make sure to not to take more than 15 minutes or so. Extended breaks will make you feel less motivated afterwards and thus lower your productivity. Short breaks will refresh you and make it easier to have your goal in mind.