Add a few of these free certifications for a resume boost


Via Pixabay. 

We all know the common sections of a resume. There are “work experience,” “education,” “contact information,” and a few others. For the average resume, “certifications” is sometimes left off because the applicant has few to none.

Some certifications are surprisingly easy to achieve, cost little to no money and can be obtained in a short amount of time. By taking the time to get some of the certifications below, you can show employers that you are committed to going the extra mile for your career. Get started today!

Google Analytics individual certification

The internet drives much of today’s world. For many companies, it is becoming more and more important to understand their website’s traffic and online presence. With a certification in Google Analytics, you will be able to comprehend and analyze one of the most widely used web analytic services. The program offers a short course plus an exam for certification.

Google Adwords certification

This is another free certification from Google and it is great for marketing and advertising majors. Google Adwords helps businesses target customers online. The certification, which has a free course and exam, shows that the holder has an understanding of online advertising, campaign setup and management and online ad optimization.

FEMA courses

For those who are looking at career in emergency management or just like to be prepared, FEMA offers courses that come with some certifications on their website. Each course is free to those eligible for enrollment. Course topics include diversity awareness, emergency planning and effective communication.  Some courses can even be transferred for college credit hours.

NPDES training

The EPA created some online and in-person courses for NPDES, or the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, a program that teaches users about water pollution in the U.S. and enforces regulation on substances discharged in water sources. A certification on the program could be useful for environmental science majors.

UNDSS courses

Employees of the United Nations, those who want to travel abroad and other security officials may find these courses useful.  The UNDSS, or United Nations Department of Safety & Security, created online training programs that address topics such as information security, responding to active shooter events and security while traveling abroad.