Greek system more diverse, accepting than students believe

Diversity is something that UK prides itself on each and everyday day. With every new year that passes, more and more diverse students step foot on UK’s campus. UK displays the importance of diversity through various clubs, activities, sports, etc. Unfortunately, a place that is always open to diversity and is seldom recognized is the […]

Lose weight in a healthy manner for Spring Break

Detox diets, weight loss pills and fad diets are placed in almost every magazine a young woman reads. Most college females are not properly educated on how to maintain a healthy weight and are instead persuaded to believe false dieting plans to achieve the ideal body. They feel the need to go to extremes, rather […]

Reclaimed surface mines are ‘uninhabitable,’ coal companies harm Kentucky mountains

The column in Friday’s Kernel, “Coal mining industry given bad reputation, actually restores land,” had a sickening effect on me as a reader. I am sure that the author of this piece is very well informed on the technique and process of mining both above and below surface as a senior in the mining engineering […]

Kentucky must change tax laws, repair structural deficit

Column by Joe Gallenstein This week the Kentucky state Senate, led by Senate President David Williams, has actually passed a tax increase. Given the state of our budget, this is not a bad thing, but it is interesting to note that these tax increases, on alcohol and cigarettes, are not the tax modernization that this […]

Fans should stop playing coach, let Gillispie do his job

Column by Zach Hester I’m eating Corn Pops, drinking a PBR and in hindsight, I’ve outcoached Billy Gillispie, Tubby Smith and Rick Pitino for some 15-odd seasons now. I sit high on my throne of Lazyboy recliners and am a shoe-in for the Armchair-Coaches Hall-of-Fame. I had the game plan to stop Marcus Camby in […]

Valentine’s Day brings about realization of true happiness

Column by Tim Riley There are two outlooks when it comes to the idea of happiness. The first holds that it is simply a series of fleeting moments. The other says that it is a more permanent state of mind. The dictionary says that it is, “emotions experienced when in a state of well-being,” which […]

SG Dead Week bill is beneficial to all, needs faculty help

The Dead Week bill has been passed through the Student Government Senate, but its ride is far from over (And the path is not well worn, nor will it be easy to break in). There was little opposition for the bill, which would keep professors from assigning more than one test, project or paper during […]