Social networking site another distraction, stalking tool

Blair Thomas

This is a series of pro/con columns that will appear on the Kernel opinions page every other Thursday. We want to know your stance. E-mail RELATED STORY: Twitter allows 140-character look into the lives of celebrities It only takes 140 characters to squash the importance of a news story. As someone who writes a […]

Meat-based diet source of health problems

In response to your article “Students struggle with eating well, dietitian says” on March 29, it was interesting to read about students’ experiences reducing their consumption of animal products, due to the detrimental health impacts of a meat-based diet.  By choosing vegetarian and vegan dishes, UK students will not only cut their chances of developing […]

Smith’s experience makes him best pick for SG president

Throughout the past year, the Kernel editorial board has taken Student Government to task when necessary and praised when needed. But in order to continue some of the positive trends this year’s administration has attempted (notably proposed changes to Dead Week), Ryan Smith is the best candidate for SG president. Smith is SG’s current Board […]

Students deserve a healthy college experience

Of all the concerns parents have when they send their children to school, healthy eating shouldn’t be one of them, especially as much as meal plans run these days. But dieting seems to be one of the most prominent health issue students face. As part of National Nutrition Month, University Health Service Dietician Jill Kindy […]

Too much attention placed on basketball and must focus elsewhere

Column by Wes Robinson Unless you reside under a rock, you know that UK fired men’s head coach Billy Gillispie on Friday after two years on the job. Regardless of how you feel about how he performed and handled the Kentucky tradition, you understand the magnitude of the firing. Locally and nationally, the impact resounds […]

Education reform can improve quality of life in the Bluegrass

Column by Jacob Sims Every state is experiencing difficult economic times and Kentucky is no exception. Our dilemmas could get worse if President Obama implements his “cap-and-trade” proposal. This would tax our use of coal, which powers approximately 93 percent of Kentucky homes. Other difficulties have already come from our own state legislature. They decided […]

Intramurals program successful and deserves more coverage

Competition has the tendency to bring out the best in people. For years, UK has made the valiant effort of putting together a mainly successful intramurals program, allowing students, Greek and non-Greek, to compete in over 20 sports and activities throughout the fall and spring semesters. The level of competition has remained strong since I’ve […]