Kentuckians, use the Obama effigy as a call to vote against stupidity

Column by Duke Gatsos Of course we’re all offended by the miserable act of ignorance discovered on campus and maybe somewhat surprised that this kind of sentiment exists here. Once you get over your sensitivity, maybe you’ll be able to see the silver lining. Yes, even in the most ridiculous and sublime, there is a […]

Students speak about Barack Obama effigy

In light of the recent Obama effigy, I have to think that our society is ignorant to the race issues that we are creating. I will start by saying I’m not ignorant enough to not acknowledge the fact that racism does in fact still exist with our society today. However, by calling this a race […]

Obama’s environmental plan is superior to McCain’s

Column by Emily Foerster Happy Halloween everybody! Since today is our country’s only holiday devoted to fear, I’ll share with you some of the things I have found particularly frightening lately. First and foremost, I am deeply disturbed that an effigy of Barack Obama was found on our campus Wednesday morning hanging from a tree. […]

Campus safety is the main priority

In the aftermath of the incidents at Western Kentucky University and Central Arkansas University, attention is – with good reason – focused on campus safety. Students sit in class staring at the door thinking, “What would I do if it happened here? What would I do if a gunman walked in the door right now?” […]

UK faculty, staff must receive safety training

A Kernel report on Wednesday that said most UK faculty and staff are not trained for emergency situations leaves this editorial board feeling even more unsafe in an already uncertain time when it comes to campus safety. Given the recent school shootings and campus scares, there is no reason why UK’s faculty and staff should […]

Campus responds to Barack Obama effigy

Editor’s note: Published below are student opinions concerning the Barack Obama effigy found on campus Wednesday morning. We want to know your stance. E-mail, or use the “Send a Letter to the Editor” form on the Kernel’s Web site, ( Include a phone number so we can confirm your identity; phone numbers will not […]

SG and students working together will influence change

Column by Mark Rouse As a first year senator, I am greatly disturbed by the widely negative attitude that is associated with Student Government on campus. I would like to take this space to explain some of the powers of SG as mandated by the SG Constitution, a copy of which can be obtained at […]

Meeting a positive step in increasing UK Alert numbers

There is no shortage of complaints about UK’s emergency notification system, UK Alert, but a member of the university is finally doing something progressive, for safety’s sake. Ryan Wagoner, men’s programming coordinator for the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center, called a meeting of professional staff to brainstorm ideas to get more students to sign up […]

Thomason will best serve university, Commonwealth in 3rd district seat

­­Column by Taylor Shelton In less than one week, all of us will (hopefully) be stepping into the voting booth. Whether this is your first time voting for president, your first time voting at all, or even if you’ve voted many times before, I hope that you’ve all done your homework. Whether you vote straight […]