Democrats dropping standards to gain voters

I am someone who, quite frankly, is already sick of the complaints of Democrats to restore voting rights to criminals and felons, which would make sense because of the recent state shift toward Republican ideals. In the latest attempt by the hierarchy of Democrats to gather more votes for their ticket, they are now resorting […]

America’s greed kills three on Black Friday

The term Black Friday has a new and darker meaning this year when three people were killed on the shopper’s savings day. Two men shot and killed each other inside a Toys R Us in Palm Desert, Calif., after two women got into a fistfight. Police have said the incident was probably not related to […]

Food production methods should face strict ethics

Column by Tim Riley If one is desperate to make himself into a news story, there are certain guaranteed methods to make it happen. One can dedicate their life to tirelessly researching the cure for a disease and succeed. One can learn to throw a football extremely well and perform for millions of people every […]

Wide-scale reform needed to fix health care system in America

Column by Jordan Covvey Health care can be a royal pain, no pun intended. On one hand, many of us are blessed with the wide availability of modern medicine. Most students on campus come down with a case of the sniffles and head over to Student Health Services for a free checkup. And when we […]

Falling back on grad school is still risky

The thought of not having a job when you graduate is definitely scary. That’s why many students, even at UK, are turning to graduate school. But that move is just delaying the inevitable. According to a Nov. 19 Kernel article, a Kaplan survey said there has been an almost 6 percent increase in students taking […]

Obama has yet to show he can enact positive change

Column by Jacob Sims Throughout the campaign trail the last two years, we have been told quite a bit about change. President-elect Barack Obama made his entire election about change. Obama explained to voters how he is going to change the entire political landscape and bring in fresh faces to combat the status quo and […]

Use prudent spending habits this week and don’t overdo it

Column by Wesley Robinson Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away, and that means holiday shopping is right around the corner. Most people will start the frantic search for gifts on Black Friday and the heavy shopping season will continue for a few weeks after the New Year. Between now and then, more money […]

Column about Bible was both wrong and misguided

The Bible is crap. Those who follow it are blind. These insults are essentially what one takes away from Nate Kremer’s diatribe of the Bible in a Kernel column Thursday. In response to this, my first question to him is this: Where do you think the values of this country come from  that were standardized […]

Sculpture a waste of good resources

It’s an attitude Americans have had for centuries. It’s an attitude that has led to excessive spending and consuming, excessive usage of natural resources and ultimately an economic crisis and an environment on the verge of disaster. It’s the attitude that there is no such thing as too much. In the spirit of this mantra, […]