New graduate program a poor use of funding

There’s nothing better than soothing music. Except maybe saving $3 million. Whether it is played after a bad day, to help someone study or concentrate, or to uplift those patients in a hospital, there’s no doubt music has an effect on the moods of people. On that thought alone, the idea behind UK’s creation of […]

Direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising is good and bad

Column by Jordan Covvey I’d be willing to bet that by this point, everyone has seen the “Viva Viagra” television commercial. But just in case you haven’t, the general plot is the same throughout. An ordinary middle-aged man stumbles through his mundane life, fumbling through dance lessons, or perhaps returning from work in his sensible […]

Columnist wrong about McCain’s mortgage plan

Banks have been greedy. Homebuyers have shown stupidity. That is my summation of this housing and credit crisis. They should all have to deal with the consequences. Normally, I’m all about reaping what you sew. This situation is different. As Brad Bowling pointed out in his Wednesday column “McCain’s bailout too risky, needs revision,” the […]

Midterms are a good time to reflect upon our personal green initiatives

Column by Emily Foerster At the beginning of every new school year, declarations abound. Avowals fly from our eager mouths asserting our noble intentions to eat healthier, exercise, stay organized, finish assignments on time or finish assignments at all. Then, eight weeks later, after two months of diligent procrastination, we face a savage demon: midterms. […]

USP program changes were long overdue

UK students spend a year and a half of their college careers taking classes that have nothing to do with their declared major. That means 15 classes with 15 final exams, resulting in 15 grades before students begin checking off the requirements for their area of focus. The university requires 45 credit hours to be […]

Dress for success in relationships

Column by CJ Conklin What exactly does a girl have to put in her milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard? And guys, where can you sign up to drink whatever it is that magically turns toads into princes? Without even knowing it, every girl is the milkshake that some guy wants to […]

Madness event holds the key to recruiting

Let’s be real: UK basketball is not at the top of its game anymore. But can anyone really be? It’s not the days of Adolph Rupp, when the UK basketball team was also synonymous with the USA Olympic basketball team. On any given day, there are teams out there capable of defeating UK and keeping […]

Students should learn to safeguard, be responsible with their money

Column by Natalie May I don’t know about you, but the news of a $700 billion government bailout has increased my stress level from a five to a ten. The anxiety caused by the speculation of decreases in funds for scholarships and financial aid, increases in tuition, shortages in jobs, dollar inflation and cutbacks on […]