Parking needs to address mopeds

If you don’t want to walk, bike, drive a car or ride a motorcycle, there is a perfect solution for you: the moped. The moped – kind of like a motorcycle, but minus the fast-get-up-and-go – makes perfect sense for a college student, or anyone traveling short distances daily. They hardly use any gas, are […]

Racism is prevalent, should not be ignored

Column by Taylor Shelton Sometimes I can’t keep myself from talking back. In fact, I think I’m predisposed to it. If you read the Kernel online, you’ll often find my comments on articles – whether they are responses to comments on my own columns, or even my unprovoked criticisms of something written by one of […]

Greek leaders respond to columnists’ ‘insulting’ opinion

The Greek community believes there were multiple misconceptions addressed in Wednesday’s column. However, we are not naïve. We do recognize there are certain individuals within our respective organizations whose actions do not appropriately reflect the ideals set forth in our mission and values. It is shameful that the inappropriate actions of a few will misrepresent […]

Voters should take pride in high turnout

Americans, Kentuckians and UK students should give themselves a pat on the back. In one of the most important elections of our lives, they came through with flying colors. According to a New York Times article, 62.5 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots Tuesday, just shy of the 62.6 percent turnout from the 1964 […]

Obama’s change will take time, party cooperation

On Tuesday, Americans had the chance to participate in a historic election. Barack Obama was elected as our 44th president and is the first African American to hold that office. To this editorial board’s pleasure, a record number of voters came to the polls because they wanted — even needed — change. Whether or not […]

Welcome change in new administration

Column by Wes Robinson I realize that I live in a state where Barack Obama did not carry the majority of the popular vote. I realize that there are major ideological, moral and cultural differences between Obama and most people in Kentucky and other, more conservative parts of the nation. What I don’t realize is […]

Forget Wall St., educational bailout needed

Anytime more funding flows into the state, the responsible officials deserve to be commended. As the state’s budget continues to be cut, every little bit helps. Gov. Steve Beshear recently announced more than $14 million in federal funding will go to Kentucky high schools and universities. The portion of the funding that deals with higher […]