Students discuss campus safety

“I feel pretty safe on campus. I see UKPD, and the presence of police causes a detriment to crime. Most safety is really in our hands.” John Biery, nursing junior “I don’t worry about it too much. If something does happen, they (police) will be able to get here. With any system like that, there […]

Paul Blazer global warming lecture was both informative and frightening

Column by Emily Foerster Last week, UK was lucky enough to host Dr. Michael Oppenheimer as part of its Blazer Lecture series in the Humanities, which ironically was started by Paul Blazer, founder of the very non-sustainable Ashland Oil. Dr. Oppenheimer is a respected environmental scientist, former chief scientist of the Environmental Defense Fund, a […]

Negative ads taking away from the issues

The Kentucky race for a U.S. Senate seat has been anything but cordial. With Democratic nominee Bruce Lunsford trying to unseat Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader who has been in office for 24 years, the race is gaining national attention. While running negative campaign advertisements seems to be something politicians are accustomed to, these […]

Parties distract voters from what really matters

Labeling candidates as “Republican” or “Democrat” is a ridiculous practice anymore. Maybe in the beginning of our country, party names had meaning. But now they come with such stereotyping that it’s corrupting the political system. In theory it sounds like a good idea to have a group that stands for a general set of principles […]

Riding bikes will save time and help the environment

Students constantly complain about a lack of parking at UK. Thousands of students attend school here, including undergraduates, graduate students and faculty members. With all of the people walking around the college campus, why is parking so scarce? Even though more parking garages have been built, parking along streets and multiple parking lots such as […]

UK Alert: Campus isn’t ready for emergency

On the afternoon of the shootings at Virginia Tech in April 2007, Christy Giles, a UK emergency management coordinator, said UK didn’t have a collective emergency management plan. “We’re addressing some of these things,” Giles said on April 16, 2007. “There’s just nothing solid in place.” Eighteen months later, 90 percent of the buildings on […]

Citizen Ky.: Debate on KET or else

Column by Buck Ryan The big bailout has turned me into a one-issue voter. No, I’m not talking about Wall Street. I’m outraged at the candidates who bailed out of KET’s debates. If candidates won’t debate on KET, then I say let’s throw the bums out. But wait, who’s left? When many of the congressional […]