Code change balances claims, levels system

Kernel Editorial Board

On a college campus, students’ rights are easily the most important piece of policy in place. So when UK adapts the Student Code of Conduct, every student should be paying attention.

According to a March 25 Kernel article, the Student Code Committee has proposed several changes to the Student Code of Conduct to add fairness to the process.

The revisions primarily relate to cases of sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence, with the major purpose being to ensure the process is fair for both the accuser and the victim.

Additionally, sexual assault and similar violations would be categorized as separate cases under the proposed plan.

The code is reviewed yearly, but the proposed changes would be the first variances in the code since 2005.

While it may not seem like a big deal for UK to specifically define and categorize certain offenses, it helps to further promote UK’s dedication to campus safety.

Not only is due process more clearly outlined and enforceable in situations where there is a victim and an accused party, but it shows UK is valuing its students’ safety by separating categories for sexual assaults and violent crimes.

Recognizing the need to handle specific situations differently, combined with taking suggestions from students, faculty and staff also shows the university is looking to incorporate those the policy affects, rather than handing down policy that may or may not affect campus.

The only way to have a truly safe campus is to involve those who are being kept safe, and UK must continue to enhance this aspect of the university.