Sports Brief

Bradley to release first rap single

Former UK basketball player Ramel Bradley is releasing his first single, titled “Smooth Operator,” from his upcoming album today.

Bradley’s album, “Do You Know,” is set for release April 15.

Meghan Blackburn, the publicist for Bradley’s album, said she is working on debuting the single on Lexington-area radio stations today.

The former guard sampled the single for various media members at St. Claire Studios in Lexington on Monday, where he and local musician Jonathan Webb answered questions regarding the album. Webb appears on two songs on the album and also helped produce it.

Bradley described “Smooth Operator” as one of the more upbeat songs on the album, and he said it uses an urban sound familiar in today’s hip-hop and rap genres.

More samples of other songs featured on Bradley’s album are available on his MySpace page (