SG sells 50 football tickets along with ride to game

Season football tickets for students may be sold out, but Ashlyn Read was still determined to go to the UK-Louisville game on Saturday.

Read, a psychology sophomore, and a few friends arrived at the Student Center at 6 a.m. on Tuesday to make sure they would be first in line to buy a few of the 50 tickets available through Student Government. The tickets went on sale at 10 a.m.

“This was the only way we knew of to get tickets,” Read said. “So we camped out.”

Read and friends got their tickets, but as of 4 p.m. Tuesday there were still 15 tickets left. They will go on sale again at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the ticket office in the Student Center.

For $55, students could purchase a ticket and ride the Cats Convoy bus to and from Louisville, which is a good deal since the face value of the tickets is $75, SG Chief of Staff Tyler Fleck said.

SG acquired the tickets back in May, Fleck said, after he contacted Joe Sharpe, assistant athletic director of tickets.

“He actually set aside 50 tickets for us,” Fleck said. “We found out about two weeks ago when he asked us when we were going to pick them up.”

SG purchases tickets each year with student fee money and usually gives them out through some sort of drawing. However, Fleck said SG had to charge students this year because of the high cost of tickets.

“This year, because the tickets are so expensive, we had to charge to offset the price,” he said.

Any student that bought a ticket through SG has to ride the charter bus to Louisville. Fleck said SG requires students to ride the bus as a way to bring them together in an atmosphere of supporting their school.

“Making the bus mandatory gets these students to go the game together, walk together, and get to know each other,” Fleck said. “It’s 50 students who don’t necessarily know each other but they all want to supportthe Cats.”

Read said she doesn’t mind having to ride the bus, and it actually makes the experience more convenient.

“It should be fun, being in a group, and you don’t have to deal with parking,” she said.

The first 30 tickets were sold within 20 minutes, said Stephanie Fisher, the manager of the Student Center ticket office. That is as many as UK Athletics sold at Memorial Coliseum Monday night, she said, and the price of the tickets may be a factor in the number sold.

“$75 is cost prohibitive for a lot of folks,” Fisher said.