Proof is needed for why Obama will enact change in America

As an observer of this presidential race, I find myself disappointed in those supporting Sen. Barack Obama. In a Monday article entitled “Obama, not McCain, will move our country in a different direction,” Robert Kahne grabs readers’ attention by speaking of “the precipic Learn Forex Trading In 30 Days e of change,” and how Obama will bring about a “more inclusive and progressive presidency.”

Reading on, however, I find that Kahne offers no description of Obama’s “different direction” or how he will take us there. Instead, the remaining seven paragraphs of the article revert to linking Sen. John McCain with President George W. Bush and referencing Gov. Sarah Palin’s shortcomings during Friday’s Charlie Gibson interview.

As a voter, however, I need a reason to vote for a candidate. This constant dragging of candidates’ pasts through the mud accomplishes little. I believe it is the reason that the Democrats failed to beat President Bush in 2004. So I challenge Kahne to stop slinging arrows and start building up the man he supports. If Obama is the man for change, then why? The fact that he is not McCain won’t suffice for everybody.

Kevin Floore

mechanical engineering junior

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