Six signs you are wasting your time



by Alison Carson

College — it’s filled with deadlines, schedules and meetings. It’s a place where time management is essential. So why should dating be any different? As they say, time is money. If you are wasting your precious minutes with the wrong person, you could soon be in the red.

Luckily, tell-tale signs exist if you’ve been hung up on the wrong person. Here are six signs it’s time to move “on to the next one,” as the ever-philosophical Jay-Z would say:

1. You make excuses for the other person.

If you are saying things to yourself like, “She probably didn’t call because she dropped her phone in a puddle on the way to class,” you are in denial and wasting your time. If your date cancels on you, doesn’t respond or ignores you often, move on. When someone wants to be involved with you, he or she will make it known. Energy spent on someone who barely seems interested is better spent on improving your GPA.

2. Your friends call it.

If you are really into someone, you tend to have your “blinders” on. Maybe you don’t see the way the person treats you. But if you gladly jump up for a guy when he asks you to get him a sandwich, your best friend probably notices. If your friends say you are wasting your time on the wrong one, you probably are.

3. You feel insecure around your date.

If you constantly doubt yourself and the other person’s intentions toward you, run. When it comes to relationships, the other person should build you, up not bring you down. If you are talking or in a relationship with someone who makes you question whether or not he or she even likes you, it’s a no brainer to end it.

4. You have a gut feeling.

Intuitions are pretty powerful. If you feel like the girl you are seeing is a she-devil, she probably is. The perfect-on-paper date can be a nightmare in real life. Sneaky behavior, a roaming eye — trouble is easy to pick up on. Don’t ignore the red flags in the back of your mind.

5. He or she is always busy.

If the person you are trying to spend time with is in a never-ending sorority meeting or study session, it’s probably because he or she is seeing someone else or just doesn’t want to see you. If you are only meeting up once every three weeks, you are definitely wasting your time. If someone likes you, he will give you his time.

6. You feel used.

Confusion between someone playing hard-to-get and someone who’s uninterested happens often.

While a challenge may be inviting, mind games are not. If your date makes you feel like everything is on his terms, everything  probably is. If you feel like you have a 10 percent say in where things are going, get out while you can.

If you notice the red flags early enough, you won’t spend three months of your college career with someone who never wanted to be with you in the first place.