Students to help pick 12th president

By Drew Teague

Students have a chance to put their name in the hat to help the university select its 12th president.

A committee has been created to select students to be on the presidential selection committee. Applications are currently online and available for students to fill out.

Micah Fielden, Student Government Senate President who is planning on applying, is very glad that students get an opportunity to participate in such a role with the university.

“This is an amazing opportunity to pick the individual that will control the direction and mission of this University in the future,” Fielden said. “Students need to make sure we are hiring a President that has goals in line with our needs and desires.”

SG Chief of Staff Joe Quinn agrees with Fielden on the role being a great chance for students to shape the university to students.

“The student representatives will be the voice of the student body during the selection process,” he said. “The new President will have a large effect on the future direction of the University, so it is important for students to give their input.”

Some students, like history and classics senior Katie Reynolds, think it would be a great opportunity to be part of the committee.

“I would really like to [apply and serve on the committee], but I already have too many things to do,” Reynolds said.

Being on this committee is a way to leave something at UK long after graduation, Fielden said.

“Students only have a few years to make a difference on campus and help enhance the experience of those coming in the future,” Fielden said. “The selection of a new President will have an impact long past the four years of undergrad experience at UK.”

Reynolds said it is good for students to have an opportunity to voice their opinions and have a role in the selection of the next president.

“The University works for the students,” said Reynolds. “We should have a say in the selection of its president.”

Fielden said she wants a president that is there to hear the students concerns on issues and take their point of view.

“I feel that being a part of this search committee would be a great way to ensure our next president will be as sensitive to student’s needs as our past president,” he said.

According to the online application, students will need to explain why they would like to be part of the committee and well as explaining what characteristics they feel the next president should possess. A resume is also required for those wishing to apply.

If selected, students also need to be able to give at least 10 hours per week to work with the rest of the committee.

The student selection committee will select three undergraduates and three graduate students to be on the presidential selection committee.

“After the applications have been submitted, a committee of students from SG and other organizations will select three undergraduate students and three graduate students to nominate,” Quinn said. “The Board of Trustees will then select one graduate and one undergraduate student.”

Fielden described the ideal applicant.

“We need an outspoken student, an advocate that is not afraid to speak up to the board members on this committee when it comes down to the difficult process of selecting our next President,” Fielden said.

To view the application visit All applications must be received by 8 a.m. on Thursday, October 7.