NBA players waiting out lockout

Rajon Rondo isn’t frustrated, or angry, or bitter, or any other negative emotion, really, that he isn’t allowed to play professional basketball because of the NBA lockout.

No, it’s not those emotions he’s feeling.

“It’s just boring,” Rondo said.

Boring, even though the lockout came as “no shock” to him and the other players. Everyone saw it coming. But now it’s here, and Rondo isn’t playing the game he’s played his entire life. Instead, he’s peeling off his shirt in Jon Hood’s locker after another exhibition game.

Rondo is still trying to stay ready for that coveted day when the lockout lifts and basketball returns.

“I stay in shape,” Rondo said. “That’s why you see me out there the entire 24 minutes in the second half, getting up and down, to make sure I’m game-ready when the time comes.”

That philosophy isn’t entirely shared by some of the other members of the Big Blue All Stars. Chuck Hayes looked a little bit, um, out of shape during the game.

“Not close yet,” Hayes said when asked how close he was to being game ready. “I won’t be in game shape ’til I play games.”

Enes Kanter said he hadn’t played a game in two months and struggled during the game because of it.

“Here, everybody’s jumping so high and stronger,” Kanter said. “I just need to work harder.”

Besides that, players have social freedom to do whatever they want.

“I get to spend a lot of time with my family and friends,” Jodie Meeks said.

As for Rondo, it seemed like he was just riding along.

“I just live my life,” Rondo said, “And enjoy what I’m doing every day.”