Common Thread: 5 spring break essentials for less than $30



By Shelisa Melendez

Spring break is just one week away, and suitcases will soon begin getting packed and ready for fun, sun and things not to be mentioned.

Although you may think you are ready to take on the events yet to come on your sandy “vacay,” you may want to reconsider the items set aside to tag along in your suitcase.

Every beachy-type vacation requires the staples: cute bathing suit, sandals, beach tote, sunglasses, floppy hat, sunscreen, cover-up, cute beach towel … you get the idea.

But having the staple items doesn’t always accommodate your last minute needs. You know, the ones you didn’t expect to run into over spring break. No fun.

I will not be enjoying sandy beaches and excess amounts of vitamin D this spring break. However, I am familiar with the feeling of not thinking to pack something that would have obviously made sense (in retrospect).

It was out of my kind heart that I decided to search the forever informative World Wide Web for beauty items many of us girls will find to make their spring break just a little more flawless.

Upon completion of my search I found the following five items, all under $30, to be the most fitting:

Water-resistant sunscreen and foundation: I know it sounds weird, but I can definitely see the practicality of it. Some find it necessary to wear makeup to the beach, and why not apply a 2-in-1? The Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation is $27 and can be found on

Hair treatment sheets or hydrating kit: After being in the pool and/or ocean over a span of seven days, your hair is bound to be in serious need of moisturization. Often times, the shampoo and conditioners provided by hotels tend to dry out hair and are more harmful than helpful. Look for a hydration kit for hair or Ted Gibson’s hair sheet treatment ($15) that claims to moisturize, strengthen and restore shine.

On-the-go nail polish: Bright, colorful nails are perfect for spring break, but who wants to pack and carry multiple polishes that will most likely break in your luggage? Try Sally Hansen’s Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Pen for just $4. Not only does the polish dry faster than regular nail polish, but it is easy to toss in your beach bag and won’t break.

Power face mask: Long days and even longer nights, plus hours and hours in the sun are bound to take a toll on your skin, especially your face. Avoid puffiness and dry skin with Sephora’s Hydrogel Power Mask ($6).

Water resistant bronzer: Although some enjoy the challenge of “who can lie out in the sun the longest,” others enjoy being in the sun just long enough to achieve the “sun glow” look. Bronzer is the perfect way to enhance the glow you worked to achieve. Target sells Jemma Kidd’s Show Stopper Water Resistant Bronzer for $23, and it seems to have received great feedback on

Pack smart, my friends.