New details revealed in student shooting

Suspects Justin D. Smith and Efrain Diaz mug shots

By Will Wright

[email protected]

Fayette County District Court Judge Megan Lake Thornton sent two suspects in the shooting death of UK student Jonathan Krueger to a grand jury after Thursday morning’s preliminary hearing revealed new details of the alleged robbery and shooting.

Police said Krueger and a companion, Aaron Gillette, both attempted to fight back after the suspects, Efrain Diaz Jr., 20, Justin Delone Smith, 18, and a male juvenile robbed them.

Gillette, who was able to get away, told police he heard multiple gunshots while fleeing the scene, police said. Police found Gillette’s property in one of the suspect’s home, police said.

Police said that both Diaz and Smith indicated that they participated in the robbery, but their reports conflicted on who was driving. Both Diaz and Smith said the juvenile shot Krueger, police said.

Police found Smith after locating a minivan believed to be at the scene, police said. The vehicle belonged to Smith’s mother, who confirmed to police that Smith was gone that night, police said.

Two witnesses who accompanied the suspects in the vehicle during the alleged robbery and shooting also confirmed the identities of all suspects, police said. The witnesses told police that multiple carjackings had been attempted that night, police said.

When police attempted to pull over the minivan later that morning, the vehicle sped off, police said. A gun was later recovered near the scene where the vehicle pulled away, police said.

Police found multiple guns in Diaz’s house, police said. No gun was recovered belonging to the juvenile, police said.