Applications available for freshman elections

By Kayla Pickrell

UK Student Government freshman election applications are due Thursday at 2 p.m.

An eligible candidate for the elections must be a UK freshman, submit an application, pay a $30 deposit and obtain 116 freshman signatures, according to the SG Elections Legislation Article VI Section 3. The 116 signatures signify 2 percent of the freshman class (5,790 students).

“I try to stay out of the elections to stay unbiased, but whenever I’ve stopped by the office, I’ve seen a lot of students come in to pick up applications,” Student Government President Stephen Bilas said.

Candidate applicants submit a platform on what they hope to accomplish as senators.

“The quality of the students and the incoming class is spectacular,” Bilas said. “I’m really happy with the potential.”

Four candidates will be elected into the Senate to represent the freshman class.

Candidates can campaign in groups with one slogan, most of the time in groups of four.

After the application deadline, the Election Board will verify all of the candidates and approve them to run.

“It’s a pretty large undertaking seeing as these students just stepped onto campus,” Bilas said.

Platforms will be posted Oct. 1.

“A big part of it is a way to get people involved at a university perspective,” Senate President Eli Edwards said. “It gives them a way to let their voices be heard.”

Elections will begin Oct. 10 at 9 a.m. and will end at 6 p.m. Oct. 11. Freshmen will be able to vote at the Student Center and White Hall Classroom Building.

“At SGA, we understand that the most important people on campus are the freshmen,” Edwards said. “This is their campus for the next four years.”

Students can apply to run via or in the SG office, Student Center Room 120.

“For the people who run, win or lose, it’s a way to get your face on campus,” Edwards said. “I would like to encourage everybody to try it.”