Students fly up, up, and away at Up, Up, and UK

UK Housing hosts its second Up, Up and UK! event on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018, in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Natalie Harrington

There are dozens of ways to get to know new people while enjoying the outdoors here at UK as the seasons begin turning, and UK Housing offered a unique opportunity on the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 12.

The second-annual Up, Up, and UK! event was hosted at the Pieratt Center Fields featuring free food, music, inflatables and, most importantly, tethered hot air balloon rides.

“We wanted to host an event on campus that’s a little different from others and what’s more different than a hot air balloon?” said Michael J. Danahy, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications for UK. “We love giving students access to unique experiences that they may not have otherwise.”

A portion of UK Housing’s budget is set aside for student events and entertainment, such as Up, Up, and UK! which means that the event is entirely focused on giving students a good time for free, providing chances to meet new people or hang out with friends, and “fostering community.”

“Seeing students having fun and making connections is what it’s all about,” Danahy said.

Freshman elementary education major Amanda Yelvington attended the event.

“The zipline was kinda scary. But it was also really fun, because I did it with a friend. I think it would have been a lot worse if I had done it alone,” Yelvington said. 

Yelvington struggled to choose just one favorite part, beginning with the hot air balloon rides and going all the way to inflatables. The videos and pictures she took while she was there documented what looked like an incredibly fun evening, including a stint on the bungee jumping chords.

Yelvington recommends that those who are afraid of heights stand on the side of the basket when riding the hot air balloon, and “don’t look up!”

Make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s UK Housing event, Goat Yoga.