Off-campus girlsgirlsgirls burritos hosts Lexington Pride Festival, art auction


Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos on the corner of South Limestone and Avenue of Champions in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Jordan Prather | Staff

Haley Blackburn

Burritos and art are the way to anybody’s heart- at least, that’s what girlsgirlsgirls burritos was going for when they hosted the first Lexington Pride Festival art auction on Friday.  

With 46 pieces up for auction from 30 or so local artists, all proceeds from the event went to benefit the Lexington Pride Festival.

The auction featured a wide variety of art, from acrylic paintings to Expo Marker drawings to an actual handmade bench.  

Megan Broughton, a local full-time artist, decided to submit two mediums in the auction: acrylic and alcohol ink. But Broughton said the medium isn’t the most important part of this auction, but rather the cause is.

“Anytime that I can contribute to worthy causes, I try to,” Broughton said. “It’s about the supporting of the community.” 

Sara Wood, co-owner of girlsgirlsgirls burritos, said that supporting both the local artists and local LGBTQ+ community is a big part of the business’s mission.  

“I think it’s our job as a small, local business with a storefront; I consider it our duty to make sure that it is open and proud and that members of the community know this is a safe space that you will have the respect of being asked your name or pronoun and you can use either bathroom. Just complete acceptance,” Wood said.  

Wood and girlsgirlsgirls burritos said that aside from supporting Lexington Pride Festival, they also wanted to support local artists by throwing an open bar artist party and giving gift cards to those who submitted work.  

Jeremy Ellis, chair of Lexington Pride Festival, said it is events like these that help create a more accepting, visible society for members of the LGBTQ+ society.  

 “It’s all about visibility and trying to make people of the LGBTQ+ community feel involved and included in society,” Ellis said. “Having an event in a place like this, it’s not your typical kind of gay venue. It’s not a gay bar, so you might get kind of a mixed audience in here. You may be exposing people who may not be exposed to drag or queer people in their everyday life, so it makes it a little bit more real.” 

Wood and girlsgirlsgirls burritos are also participating in other fundraisers for Lexington Pride Festival such as the upcoming PRIDE restaurant week at the end of March and a possible Drag Brunch once the weather warms up.  

Wood also assured that the business offers to host fundraisers for a variety of organizations including student organizations on campus. 

“I encourage all students to come here and fill us in on what’s poppinand we will try our best to make it happen,” Wood said.