Coffee Week is here. See what near-campus coffee shops have in store.


Photo provided by Third Street Stuff & Coffee

Sydney Momeyer

Lexington has Burger Week, Pizza Week and now Coffee and Tea Week.

Lexington Coffee and Tea Week will be from Feb. 17-23. Each drink will be $3 at the participating locations. While there are over a dozen locations participating in Lexington, here is what you can expect from some local shops close to the University of Kentucky’s campus:

Cup of Commonwealth and Chocolate Holler

Cup of Commonwealth, 105 Eastern Ave., will be featuring a cappuccino drink for their coffee special. It is made with honey and cinnamon and is thus being called the Honey Bee Cappuccino. Their sister location at 400 Old Vine St., the Chocolate Holler, will feature the same drink for their Coffee and Tea Week menu.  


Coffea, 385 Rose St., is a UK favorite due to its close proximity to campus. For their special, they will feature a cinnamon toast crunch latte that is made with vanilla, hazelnut and cinnamon simple syrup. They will also have a blueberry rhubarb iced tea served with mint—it can also be made hot for those who are looking for something a little warmer in the cold weather. 

Coffee Times

Coffee Times, 2571 Regency Rd., will serve a blueberry pie and ice cream coffee drink. It is made with blueberry, cinnamon and brown sugar. In addition, it will feature a black tea mixed with papaya, passion fruit and jasmine, with milk and vanilla. 

Common Grounds

Located at 343 E. High St., Common Grounds will be tapping into Kentucky’s bourbon heritage for their coffee special. At their High St. location, as well as Richmond Rd., they will serve a cold brew made from house roasted Kentucky Bourbon Barrel aged coffee beans. They will also have a Kentucky black tea made with steamed milk and hints of vanilla. 

McLeod’s Coffee House

McLeod’s, 376 Southland Dr., is one of Lexington’s newer coffee locations. They will be serving a dressed up espresso shot, with vanilla syrup, heavy cream and whipped cream, calling it Bigfoot’s Toe. They will also have a black tea, the White Chocolate Chai, that is made with spices and white chocolate mocha flavoring. 

North Lime Donuts

While North Lime Donuts, 575 N. Limestone, is known for their innovative donut creations, they are also coffee enthusiasts as well. They will feature a “chocolate bomb” that is being called the Espresso Truffle. Along with their coffee feature, they will have the KY Fog Tea Latte that is made with black tea, a North Lime blend and vanilla.

At their 3101 Clays Mill location, they will serve a butterscotch cappuccino topped with real butterscotch candies, the Butterscotch Baby. They will also feature a cold brew blueberry tea. It will be made with coconut milk, as well as strawberry and raspberry syrup. 

Third Street Stuff

Third Street Stuff, 257 N. Limestone, will have a cayenne pepper drink with cinnamon and white chocolate, known as the Hearts on Fire. It is available as a hot chocolate, a latte or cappuccino. In addition to their coffee, they will have lemon ginger and honey tea that is called the Loving You.