Marlon Wayans of ‘White Chicks’ fame does comedy show at UK

Marlon Wayans stands up on a stool while delivering a joke. Stand up comedian and actor Marlon Wayans preformed at the Singletary Center as Student Activities Board’s spring comedian on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Michael Clubb | Staff

Kamilah Williams

Student Activities Board brought actor, film producer and comedian Marlon Wayans to campus Monday night. UK SAB announced on February 8 that the White Chicks comedian would be the spring comedian, and tickets went on sale Feb. 11.

“We compile a list of potential comedians that we think would be a good fit and then put that on our All Student Survey, which students then vote on,” said Trace Williams, SAB Director of Pop Culture.

Aside from his lead role in White Chicks and his multiple stand-up acts, Wayans has had roles in Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, Little Man, and A Haunted House. He has acted alongside actor Terry Crews, and also acted with his brother in a 90s sitcom called “Wayans Brothers.”

SAB has hosted many comedians in the past. Last year, well-known comedian Tiffany Haddish was the 2018 spring comedian. The process of arranging the spring comedian isn’t always easy.

“We have to go through their agency to contact them. It can be very smooth or sometimes kind of hard to reach them. Usually it’s pretty tough,” Williams said.

The show began with an opener from comedian D.C. Ervin, who often travels with Wayans to different shows. He gave multiple jokes about his daughter coming of age and kissing someone for the first time.

Then Wayans came on stage and got comfortable. He even moved the speakers further to the rim of the stage. Wayans discussed drinking with difference races. Wayans joked about how he would never drink with 22 Jump Street and Magic Mike star Channing Tatum again.

Being that black comedians haven’t been predominantly featured at UK, many students were excited for the performance. 

“I wanted to support black entertainers, especially at UK,” said NAACP President Chandler Frierson.

Ervin and Wayans were quick to recognize that the majority of the crowd in attendance at the event was African-American students and Lexington residents. But both comedians did show their appreciation for the other ethnicities in the audience at Singletary Center. Both comedians were nothing but supportive, hilarious and accepting to all students.

“I’ve learned that comedy is truly one of the greatest joys and the extent of amazing work that a group of students and their advisors can do when we come together as a SAB fam,” Williams said.

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