Fire marshal recommends closing of SAE house

Following an incident over the weekend where a student was wrapped in toilet paper and set on fire, UK Fire Marshal Greg Williamson has recommended the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house be closed for two semesters.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said police found a student wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy after responding to an alarm early Saturday morning. Sean Dunn, an international studies sophomore, took out a match and lit the toilet paper on fire, Monroe said.

According to the police report, the victim was in flames up to his shoulders. When he realized he was burning, he performed the stop, drop and roll technique, which set the carpet on fire. The report says that when Dunn saw the carpet on fire, he began to stomp out the flames. After the fire was extinguished, Dunn attempted to clean up the fire damage with toilet paper.

“We don’t believe it was (hazing), nothing has led us to believe it was hazing,” Monroe said.

Monroe said the victim had no injuries and needed no medical treatment, but he had singed pants.

Monroe said Dunn sustained first-degree burns on his hands and was charged with first-degree arson, first-degree wanton endangerment and tampering with physical evidence.

“Obviously they used poor judgment which was clouded by the use of alcohol. We did find numerous alcohol violations in the building,” Monroe said. “We will probably wrap (the investigation) up in the next few days, and we will turn it over to the Dean of Students for their investigation.”

Dunn declined to comment on the investigation.

When officers were making sure everyone was out of their rooms, they came across a locked door and retrieved a key to enter, Monroe said. When police entered the room, a fight occurred, which led to police charging international studies junior Joe McKinley with third-degree assault of an officer.

The Dean of Students Office has shut down the fraternity following an order from its national headquarters to suspend all of SAE’s fraternity-related events, and the fire marshal has recommended the fraternity house be closed until January 2011.

Williamson said numerous violations occurred inside the house, including doorways severed and covered with sheets, beds enclosed and too many candles.

“There are violations in all houses … if you find one or two violations, it’s not that big of a deal,” he said. “ … but if you find 40 or 50 of them, you have a problem.”

The house passed an inspection in the past week, Williamson said, but the violations were not visible during that inspection.

“It was not the incident that got the house (closed),” Williamson said. “It was the incident plus the condition of the house.”

SAE has revoked Dunn’s membership, and the fraternity’s headquarters is investigating the incident, according to the SAE Web site.

Dunn’s arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday at 1 p.m., and McKinley’s is scheduled for Thursday at 1 p.m. UK Police and the fire marshal will share reports with the Dean of Students to determine whether or not the fraternity will return to campus.

All the people involved in this incident have been arrested before! Pelosi-Drunk Driving. Mckinley-Assault. Dunn-Drunk in Public/Disorderly Conduct. Not to mention the multiple other small charges these 3 have been convicted on.

Bobby Pelosi was the guy lit on fire??? Wasn’t he just convicted of a Drunk Driving?? I believe he was….hahaha Are there any members of SAE who have not been arrested? Where was the house Mommy to keep an eye on these Kids?

OH MY GOD. The spelling skills of some of these idiots that chime in here is absolutely appalling! Guys, there’s even a spell-check feature. I hope that this is not indicative of how you will converse when you are a member of the workforce. You would not last long while in my employ.

Sally…. I got completely hammered at least 3 times a week, and did numerous other things besides studying. I got good grades by studying for about 2 hours before a test… I got good grades because I’m really smart. If you study more than 15 hours a semester in undergrad you have to be a retard. UK is a joke of a school. That is how bad asses like the SAE’s do it haha

first if all, Big Weston: your an idiot. at almost all campus chapters (my school included), FH is no longer represented by decent, hardworkin good ol boys. It is mostly occupied by very nerdy, poor social skilled, pussies who only got to go greek because they mad straight a’s and their daddy’s are very wealthy. The true aggies are now rpresented by AGR house, and they are all badass guys. Im not one myself, (Im an SAE) but our houses get along with each other and i can vouche for them, they would definately not approve of you calling sae animals and calling your own house aggies. be careful or you might end up with a good ole country as whoopin.

@Woody & Eric. McKinnley is an adult as is Dunn. They both need to be held responsible for their actions. It appears that McKinnley & Dunn have no intention in accepting accountability. To even imply that police profiled and targeted McKinnley is obsurd. It appears that McKinnley’s history speaks for itself. There appears to be a pattern in his behavior. McKinnley has shown that he has no reservations in physical violence towards his peers or the police. His damaged reputation is from his own doing. By providing excuses, you only enable the behavior. If McKinnley would strike a police officer, who else would he hit? Where does it cease? Apparently, he does not know any boundaries. As for Dunn, anyone who can find humor in setting someone else on fire should be in jail. After all, jails were made to protect the public. If I was one of Pelosi’s parents, I would be extremely upset. Luckily for Dunn, the situation was not fatal. Nonetheless, there is not an excuse to behave in that manner…ever. It seems that punishment is inevitable, but the severity of how it will be rendered is questionable.

To Woody…I have to wholeheartedly believe that is what happened. I know the media, especially Lexington media enjoy putting spins on stories to make them sound that much better. While I understand ol’ Joe’s plight, the bottom line is the kid might have some anger issues to be worked out. I’m sure the police probably did a bit of profiling (it’s Lexington now) and instigated the situation, but the bottom line is if the law wants to make it your fault they will. Hopefully Nationals investigate this right and you guys don’t lose your charter based on some idiot’s actions. Many have reported that it wasn’t hazing, but drunk college idiots so that should certainly be taken into account. But you guys do have a major violation in the past 15 years so they might not look to highly on another badly publicized event. Good luck…

this was posted on the forums of by an SAE with the user name SFH, interesting stuff…

Sorry, but this is going to be a long read. If you don’t wanna read it here’s a couple videos about it.

Ok, so being a UK sae, I will tell you exactly what happened, and you can make your assumptions from there. As of right now, everyone is moved out of the house and we are suspended by hitler, aka the university. Everyone is obviously smart enough to know that the media will do anything and everything to make shit look a whole lot worse than it was. I wasn’t at the house at the time, but hearing the same story from guys there makes me assume it’s all true.

Anyways, it was about 4 am and Sean Dunn, who is a great guy but a dumb shit (obv), decided it would be a great idea to wrap Pelosi up in some toilet paper. I don’t really know how they got this idea or why but one thing led to another and Dunn lit Pelosi on fire. Pelosi was perfectly fine but he ripped the TP off pretty quickly and the smoke from the flaming butt paper triggered the alarms which automatically notifies the fire department and university police. So the law comes busting up in there like they do and make a huge scene out of nothing, there is barely any noticeable damage to the carpet, but they made it seem as if the house is no longer there anymore and in a pile of ash. Meanwhile, our kenyan, Joseph McKinley, who I went to high school with, is a great fucking guy, and comes from a very respected family, is fast asleep in his room with no idea what happened because he is on the other side of the house and dead asleep. The cops don’t even bother to knock and they bust in his room with no intentions other than to arrest his ass because he is the kenyan. What I’m not clear about is whether they threw him to the ground first or he threw the punch first. Regardless, most of us would agrue that it is not a good idea to bust into someone’s room while they are sound asleep and not expect them to naturally wake up and defend themselves out of human nature. Had he known who it was, he would not have purposely hit a cop, who in my opinion deserved it. Yesterday all the guys were promptly made to move all of there stuff out of the house with no place to stay. Very mature on the part of the University. I mean they could have at least given my brothers a week to figure out where they were going to stay. There was some talk about letting them stay in some shitty dorms. I mean if a GDI sets something on fire in his dorm, are they going to make the whole rest of the dorm move out? Absolutely not. It was a very stupid move on Dunn’s part and I can understand why he should not be allowed to live in the house but the other guys who were dead asleep at 4 in the morning should not be punished just because we are a fraternity with a lot of money and our alumni funds a few buildings on campus, one including the enormous library in the middle of campus.

Dunn received:
1st Degree Arson
1st Degree Wanton Endangerment
Tampering with physical evidence
and an Alcohol Intoxication tacked onto the already ridiculous charges

Joe received assualt on a police officer and resisting arrest. What scares me about Joe is that he got in a fight last year while wearing a british flag thong and beat the shit out of some kid, who then pressed charges. This is not going to be good for Joe getting another assault charge. The police flat out lied and said that Joe hit an officer because he refused to leave him room. I will be one to tell you this is completely false and Joe just got scared

There are cages in the basement of the SAE house. They have been there since the house has opened and the university knows they are there and has seen them many times. They are for storage and they don’t even have doors on them. It’s hard to lock someone in a cage that doesn’t have a door. And the rumor mill goes on….

Long live the flamming mummy!

When you allow alumni contributions to run the University decisions, why not expect incicents like these. Todd and his cronies should take a stance and not accept the blood money where they continue to cover up and protect these animals. Kick ’em off campus, try ’em in the court of law, and never let them return.

SAE is a bunch of animals. They along with Sigma Chi and Delt should have been closed years ago, but then again, not everyone can be as cool as my FH fraternity. Long live the Aggies.

WOW!!!! Please tell me the story about the cages in the basement were not correct. Please tell me Pledges were not locked in cages and urinated on???

I also heard about the cages in the basement. I always thought that was an Urban Myth…it appears it was all tru

What about the cages found in the basement by the Fire Department. Report said there were multiple cages and smelled like urine. Wow!!!

I want to hear more about Joe’s Dad getting him out of Jail this weekend. I heard he contacted 3 Judges and only the 3rd said they’d get him released on the weekend. Any other person would of been in Jail at least till monday. Someone should seriously look into this, to me this is abuse of power.

Federal Judge, lol. Well this judge is going to have to step down from the bench because it would be awful to illegal to hear this case. I think that possibly fraternities get out of hand and when they do, PAY THE PRICE. May be more to the story but the police were there for a reason. And another thing, how do students have all this time to party make the grades? Gosh it took studing, working, and even late hours to help me get by. I guess when parents hand you the money, and don’t give a crap about the grades you can do anything you want. As for the guy getting accused of assault, he needs anger management and should major in counceling?

It seems to me that ActualTruth is obviously a member of SAE. In fact, I am question whether he is Dunn or more likely McKinnley. I think that ActualTruth has put forth a good effort to discredit both the Kernel & police. In the end, these posts may prove to be reckless. ActualTruth has failed to note the discrepencies that exist in his statement. It’s one thing to tell your point of view on an issue. It’s another thing to knowingly falsify & fabricate a story to mislead the general public. In the process, ActualTruth has questioned the integrity of both the Kernel & police. He’s failed to note that the unfavorable reputation of SAE may supersede itself. With that in mind, evoking any empathy – or let alone sympathy is very unlikely. Yet, I tend to think that the latter of the two is due to the way in which ActualTruth has addressed this matter online. There is a proper time & circumstance to deal with the “facts” of this issue, and yours may prove to be more damaging than what you realize.

Joe is a member of SAE. He was arrested and convicted of assault last year. This past weekend he was arrested once again for attacking a Police Officer. His Dad is a Federal Judge.

Someone tell me who Joe and who his dad is? I’m new to this game and don’t have a clue who you are referring to. Just want to know who “Big Daddy” is?

Joe’s daddy looked mad when the Press asked him for a comment! I’m guessing he’ll be letting Joe Jr handle this on his own

You would think Joe and SAE would play it cool with a civil suit ongoing. Not to mention Joe and Sean were both convicted in fayette district court in the past year of other crimes.