The Ho-Ho History of the Christmas Card


The Ho-Ho History of the Christmas Card

(StatePoint) While you may love your holiday traditions, you may not have given much thought to the origins of these customs. When it comes to sending Christmas cards, this long-standing tradition has a fascinating history.

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Did you know that these seasonal greetings date back to the 1840s? The annual custom was started by trendsetter Queen Victoria herself, whose published engraving featuring the winter wonderland at Windsor inspired her subjects to follow suit. Stateside, Annie Oakley was another Christmas card pioneer, sending the first known personalized Christmas card in 1891.

While the 20th century saw the rise of the folded card sent by mail, today, digital greetings are yet another way to show friends and family you care, thanks to a wide variety of options available. For example, SmashUps personalized video greetings allow users to send customized holiday wishes featuring favorite celebrities, including Santa himself. To learn more, visit or download the SmashUps app, available for iPhone and Android.

As you send and receive seasons’ greetings this year, take time to appreciate the long and storied history of this fun and festive tradition.