UK-U of L live football blog — halftime

UK putting the D in dominating

Cards’ fans are quiet. And they have reason to be. The Cards are down 10-0 and their offense hasn’t done anything with the ball so far. As I’ve said before, a lot of that has to do with the UK defense. They’re simply playing great.

U of L has totaled 104 yards of offense to UK’s 114. Nothing special on UK’s behalf either, but they’re doing just enough. Hartline has looked pretty good for his first collegiate start. He’s 10-of-19 for 93 yards. Surprisingly the UK run game has been extremely quiet. Tony Dixon and Derrick Locke are the leading rushers with eight yards apiece.

Overall, it’s been a quiet first half. Will the second half hold the same, who knows? If the Cats’ defense continues to play like it has, I expect Brooks to keep it close to the vest. There’s no reason not to. A 10-0 lead in this game with both offenses being average at best is a much bigger lead than it looks. I’d stick with the run and the dink-and-dunk passes, but that might be why I’m up here in the press box and not on the sidelines with the head gear.

Pretty funny sidenote: I’m up here talking with a reporter from the Cardinal, U of L’s student-run paper (yeah, I know), and she had a pretty hilarious story. Apparently U of L sports had a poll so fans could vote on the name of the U of L student section. One of the options was “The Ville-age” (oh, you’re so clever U of L). Well, according to the reporter from the Cardinal, a bunch of UK fans voted for The Ville-age in hopes of calling U of L fans the Ville-age idiots (well done, UK students). They were supposed to announce the winning name at halftime, but I haven’t heard anything yet.