UK-Middle Tennessee live blog — Half-time

On the field, Hartline has been the key to UK’s play so far. But the true test has yet to be seen. So far, UK has seen four players sidelined with ankle injuries — Randall Cobb, Ricky Lumpkin, Micah Johnson and David Jones.

Jones returned, but there is no word yet on the others. Re-read that list again. These aren’t just any players being injured, but some of UK’s best. When and if they return could help determine a close game.

On the field, Hartline is proving his worth while finding out that UK’s tight ends can catch too. T.C. Drake and Maurice Grinter have been Hartline’s two biggest options so far, so it’s almost certain they will continue to play a prominent role.

The Cats defense is holding up against MTSU. If they can continue to do so, UK may just hold out a win against a quality opponent. Halftime score is 10-7, UK after Lones Seiber missed a 48 yard field goal to end the half.