How to refresh your remote work routine for the new year


How to refresh your remote work routine for the new year

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Working and learning at home can be a challenge even in the best of times, and while many of us have been making do with our temporary home offices, now is the perfect time to review your current office set-up and routine to help become more focused, refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way.

Here are some ideas to help you refresh and renew your remote work environment for 2022.

1. Feel better while you work

You’ve probably heard that sitting all day is bad for you, but have you explored alternative options? It’s not hard to set up a more active workspace to improve your workday. Standing or varying your work position throughout the day can improve productivity and energy levels.

Try some of these options to promote a healthier work environment:

  • Active Workstations, like exercise bikes that double as desks, can help bring light exercise to your workday, all while you’re accomplishing daily tasks.
  • Standing desks or standing desk converters will move you from sitting slouched at your desk to a more upright position. Challenge yourself to stand at your desk several times each day.
  • Active seating, like balance ball chairs, can help you stabilize and strengthen your core.
  • Anti-fatigue mats provide added comfort while standing.

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2. Update antivirus and utilities software

Remote work makes it even more important to keep your antivirus and security software up to date. To make sure you have enough protection for your computer or add protection to smartphones and tablets, Office Depot carries a wide range of antivirus, antispyware and internet security suite software so you can find the right choice for your needs.

While you’re at it, help your computers operate at their best by installing applicable computer updates. For example, consider upgrading eligible Windows 10 PCs to Windows 11.

Pro tip: Finding your home computer screen difficult to work with? Consider an extra monitor to maximize productivity and visibility.

3. Master time management

Use available time management tools to stay on top of appointments and to-dos as well as short-term and long-term goal planning. Block out time for uninterrupted periods for work that requires more focus, and be more intentional about how to use short time blocks before and after meetings.

Office Depot carries convenient tools like monthly desk pads so you can check your schedule at a glance and weekly/monthly planners to help you make the most of your time and stay organized.

Pro tip: Schedule regular breaks to focus on your personal wellness to help prevent burnout. By setting regular appointments to get up and move, stretch or relax, the rest of your workday will feel even better.

4. Improve connections with colleagues

If you don’t have regular times to connect with people in-person or virtually already arranged as part of your workday, consider creating small and large group meetings with team members, plus one-on-one meetings to touch base and help build trust and camaraderie within your team. These can be informal, short “lunch get-togethers” or “virtual happy hours” to just enjoy each other’s company with no set agenda.

5. Reduce distractions

Remove items unrelated to work from your office area, so you can keep home and family life separate from work. If you don’t have a separate room for your home office, consider using a portable partition or curtain to help visually divide the space. You can also create a “Do Not Disturb” sign to let family or roommates know when you’re in meetings, to minimize interruptions using print services available at Office Depot.

Pro tip: House too noisy? Invest in good quality noise-cancelling headphones to help you stay focused if you don’t have a separate office or quiet space.

6. Consolidate errands

Whether you need to stop by the post office, pick up office supplies or run other errands, consolidate trips as much as possible to save time. To help with this, find sources that offer quick and easy services like online ordering or home delivery. Whether you need to order supplies or have something printed, packed or shipped, Office Depot can help you get it all done quickly with same-day delivery, free 20-minute in-store or curbside pickup, free next-day business day delivery on qualifying $45 orders and more.

Use these tips and ideas to help make this year your most refreshed, focused and productive year ever, no matter where your office is located.