The ABC’s Of 3D House Printing


Apis Cor 3D Printed Home: Space Coast Sensation.

(NAPSI)—It may sound futuristic but there are people today living in homes created by a 3-D printer—and you can too.

A. What is 3D Printing

3D printing started out as a way to make design prototypes for modeling. It has been used in healthcare, manufacturing and other industries. Now, the technology has spread and the cost of the printers has dropped.

Most people are familiar with 3D printing for its ability to create small things, but construction-grade, large- scale 3D printers is changing the housing industry helping builders create better houses, faster and at less cost.

B. 3D’s Advantages

Automation and increased productivity means 3D-printed house shells can be built on site with mobile and industrial-sized devices, up to nine times faster than with traditional methods while creating little to no waste of resources. That can save up to 30% of the cost. 3D also creates the opportunity for unique design such as curved walls (expensive if even possible with bricks and wood).

What’s more, 3D homes can be cus- tom-made and pre-designed for efficient installation of all the components—even plumbing and electricity. Plus Api Cor’s advanced 3D print material allows printing very fine walls that are smooth to touch and can be painted right away. 3D printed building material is a durable concrete mortar that’s 33% stronger than traditional concrete blocks. The walls are also reinforced to resist hurricanes and earthquakes.

C. How It Works

A standard pickup truck with a flat- bed trailer can haul the building system to a construction site. No cranes or big crew are needed to deploy and operate the printer. Instead, an operator uses a joystick to maneuver the equipment and print the building walls. Then a robot creates the desired shape of a build-ing directly on site, layer by layer—the same as is done with traditional plastic 3D printing but using a strong concrete mortar instead of plastic and a much bigger machine than a desktop box-sized printer.

D. See For Yourself

You can view a 3D house printer, touch examples of 3D printed walls, check out how plumbing and insulation are incorporated and watch the walls be painted at the world’s first showroom for 3D printed homes in Apis Cor’s home office in Melbourne, FL and online at

E. Building Your 3D Home, Career And Portfolio

The company pioneered 3D printing technology for construction, holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest 3D printed building and has printed a residence in Missouri and a commercial building in Boca Chica, Texas. Api Cor is currently accepting reservations from individuals who want a 3D printed home.

Apis Cor also offers a comprehensive online course on house printing and a unique opportunity for investors to get involved in an emerging technology. 


 “It may sound futuristic but there are people today living in homes created by a 3-D printer—and you can too.