Offense looks ready at close of fall camp


Returning quarterback Drew Barker throws to the sideline during the first open practice at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Ky. on Saturday, March 26, 2016. Photo by Josh Mott | Staff.

Chris Angolia

Offensive Coordinator Eddie Gran is walking away from his first fall camp with UK football feeling good, as the Cats offense looks primed to carry a heavy load this season.

Unlike past years, it has been the offense making headlines during fall camp and Gran felt very pleased with how things went as camp concluded Tuesday before the start of the fall semester.

“I actually got more (out of fall camp), in terms of the capacity of the install. These guys (the offensive line) have done a great job of being a sponge. We are really smart up front and those guys really know what to do and they understand it,” Gran said.

The offensive line is a veteran bunch this year, which will be important in the long haul especially with Drew Barker going into his first full season as the starting quarterback.

Gran is known to be a perfectionist who is hard to please but the veteran coach seemed to really like how things were shaping up on his side of the ball. There is also a lot of depth on the offensive end, particularly at the skill positions.

“The receivers and running backs have bought in, and as long as your quarterback is progressing and there is not too much conceptually then you can move on like that. I like where our bank is with that,” Gran said.

With classes having started Wednesday, UK now moves into preparation for its opener next Saturday against Southern Miss. Gran is eager to get things started and the fact that he feels that his offense is moving in the right direction will be big for the Cats.

With so many returning starters and great depth, it’s fair to say that the offense has a lot of potential in the upcoming season. It might ultimately come down to Gran and associate offensive coordinator Darin Hinshaw to press the right buttons with the group, but the offense looks to be in the best possible spot for UK to succeed.

There is just over a week until it is time for football in the Bluegrass, and with a little extra preparation for Southern Miss, there is no reason that the Cats’ offense shouldn’t be ready heading into next Saturday.

Gran will be calling the shots for UK for the first time next week and although there may be some pressure, it does not show with him.

“It doesn’t matter who we’re playing or what game it is, it’s about winning. You can’t win them all unless you win the first one,” Gran said. “We want to win this first one and get started on the right foot.”