Greenroom supplies local taste for refreshing taps in new taproom


The West Sixth Greenroom rests on West Main Street on August 30, 2016 in Lexington, Ky. They have between 15-20 West Sixth varieties on tap. Photo by Carter Gossett | Staff

Christie Netherton

If you are looking for a great place to drink refreshing local beer that doesn’t involve awful music and hordes of college students buying shots of fireball, look no further than the new West Sixth Brewing Greenroom.

The Greenroom opened its doors this past May on West Main Street in Lexington right next to Sunrise Bakery.

The café partnered with the Greenroom to offer some light food and dessert options for the customers enjoying the local beer on tap next door.

The essential plan for the small taproom is to experiment with small brew batches and have daily specials of new and experimental brews unique to the Greenroom.

With just receiving the necessary licenses and equipment for brewing within the past couple of weeks, co-owner Brady Barlow hopes to start this experimental brewing in the new location very soon and is excited to finally hit the ground running with it.

Barlow says that besides the brewing and having “just an overall fun offshoot of the main brewery,” there are other perks to having a smaller taproom in the middle of downtown Lexington.

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With the Greenroom location being so close to large downtown office buildings and hotels, as well as UK’s campus, it brings in an entirely new and diverse type of clientele.

The inside of the taproom is a made-local haven, with locally made décor displayed everywhere.

“We put a strong emphasis on sourcing things locally and recycling as much as we can,” Barlow says.

Everything is local; from the tables, to the picture frames and even the counter tops, which were made with recycled lumber from the loading dock of the old Rainbow Bread Factory that the main West Sixth Brewery now resides in.

They pride themselves in being a local business and strive to give back to the community that supports them.

And with 10 different West Sixth brews on tap, the Greenroom offers a variety of tastes for any palate. Although they have not been able to start up their new brewing system yet and brew up some unique Greenroom specials, they still have a great selection.

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One on tap brew to try out is the Barrel Aged Quad, at a whopping 13.5 percent ABV. The Quad is brewed in Kentucky bourbon barrels for a year to give it an aged malty sweet taste.

The Transylvania Tripel is also on tap at 9.8 percent ABV. The Tripel is a golden Belgian brew with a malty flavor and undertones of green apple and caramel.

There are also canned beer options available, including Half-Bite, which is very hoppy with citrus notes, and the Sixfold Flander’s Red, which took two years to make, according to Barlow.

Flander’s is both warm and woody as well as fruity and sweet. You get the best of both worlds with strong cherry and sour citrus flavors while also getting hints of oak. It’s definitely one to try out, but do it soon as they only have about 40 bottles of this specialty canned beer left.

The West Sixth Greenroom is the perfect spot to grab a beer after work on Friday night, or just sit and drink with friends out on the patio to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather. Make sure to stop by this local treasure and check it out. It will definitely be worth your visit.


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