Don’t waste your day off, go vote


Voters cast their ballots at Morton Middle School in Lexington, Ky.,on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Photo by Michael Reaves

By the editorial board

Similar to a few universities in the state of Kentucky, UK does not have class on Nov. 8 for the presidential election. This is different compared to schools in Ohio, like the University of Cincinnati or Ohio State University who still have classes on election day.

Although we still have classes on Veteran’s Day and we don’t have a fall break like other schools might, having election day off is incredibly beneficial, especially for this 2016 election. 

Many Americans feel as though this particular election, with the main nominees of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there isn’t a good, clear choice. So why vote? 

If both selections deem undesirable, why should students take the time to place their vote and have a say in our government? 

According to the Annenberg Classroom, many students feel as if their vote doesn’t count. Others say they don’t know enough about the candidates and issues, so their vote is hurting more than it is helping. 

However, it is a citizen’s duty to understand and study what is happening in today’s government for a myriad of reasons. One of the most important being that we ensure a safe future for our country.

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Only 17 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds cast a ballot in the 2014 elections, according to the Campus Vote Project. 42 percent were registered to vote. This is interesting considering the amount of opinions and shared ideas that are seen on social media, especially with this age demographic. If people care, why aren’t they taking it to the polls?

The differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters can be vast. We have both of these supporters at UK, and many are not afraid to stand for what they believe in. Maybe it isn’t out in the open on campus, but it can certainly be found on social media platforms. 

Another reason it is beneficial that we don’t have class on Nov. 8 is to reduce the tension students feel on this day. Similar to UK vs UofL fans, emotions can run high and eventually break in the form of a physical fight. Having the day off from classes can help deter this. 

UK has given its students something to commemorate and it is with hope that these same students use this election day for more than just sleeping in. 

If you are at all worried about the future of America, in healthcare, economics, safety, schools and much more, be sure to use the day off from classes to cast your vote on these important issues. 

Young people have the power to make a difference. It doesn’t take much to read up on the current candidates and what they stand for, and get out to the polls and vote.

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