Change is written in the stars

Emily Cole

Do you consider your zodiac sign a defining factor in who you are? Do you avidly check your horoscope to see what the stars have aligned for you this month? If this sounds like you, then everything might be about to change. 

Astrology believers everywhere have been sent into chaos over the possibility of their signs changing. According to NASA, it is possible that all astrology signs have changed and that there may even be a 13th sign, Ophiuchus. 

Although many people may be panicking over the news, could it be a slight overreaction?

For those of us who truly put our faith in our horoscope, our astrology sign is a unique representation of who we are. Do you read your horoscope and feel like you directly identify with exactly what the words are telling you? 

If this is the case, then there is no reason to start subscribing to a different horoscope now. You have followed this specific guidance for years, it has never led you astray, and you feel that it speaks to you specifically. 

Horoscopes, even if believable, are just for fun and and are not at all a serious framework for how you should be living your life. So, even if it becomes confirmed that our zodiac signs have truly changed, what is the point in letting chaos ensue when instead you could just choose to identify as the sign you have always been? 

You are in control of your own destiny, and maybe we should start looking at our horoscopes as more of a “choose your own adventure” rather than a definitive list of rules we must live by. 

Horoscopes are all about intuition and being in touch with the universe, so if your intuition is telling you that you are still a Cancer, then maybe you don’t have to miraculously turn into a Gemini.

Another important piece of evidence to consider when choosing whether or not to panic over your zodiac sign is the fact that nobody is really sure whether or not this newfound information is actually true. 

While a few reputable sources have posted articles discussing the mere possibility of having your sign change; the issue is debatable and myth breaking websites like Snopes argue that the Earth’s rotation is no reason to make any rash astrological decisions. 

Whether you believe the hype or not, Ophiuchus does not have to ruin your day, your year, or even your horoscope.

Emily Cole is the assistant features editor of the Kentucky Kernel. 

Email [email protected].