Left side, strong side



By the editorial board

Twitter escapades, Mexico-funded walls, the surprising relevancy of Rosie O’Donnell, “damn emails,” Pokémon Go, speculated Russian hackers and descript recorded confessions of sexual misconduct have all played a part in making the 2016 presidential election a debacle.

Throughout the hurricane of ludicrous newsfeeds and Facebook videos, we are reminded of the importance of the democratic process. Although we will be choosing a representative for the next four years, implications of this decision will last far longer. With this in mind, The Kentucky Kernel endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

Clinton demonstrates experience not only in government and legislature, but in public service. She has taken pride in her involvement as Secretary of State, a New York Senator, First Lady of the United States, First Lady of Arkansas, a practicing lawyer and law professor, an activist and a volunteer. In all of these positions, issues like education and healthcare have always been her primary concern.

Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, has no experience in government or lawmaking. The statements he makes are overarching and pleasing to the ears of many Americans for all of the wrong reasons, but offer little substance. Many of the things said by Trump are prefaced by “believe me,” and unfortunately, most take his word for it. The issue with this is very apparent when vague promises are held against Clinton’s expansive plans and strategies, such as the $30 billion plan to help coal communities she recently proposed.

Perhaps derived from this experience is her poise. Clinton holds herself in a manner of professionalism and tact. Trump, on the other hand, denounces ‘political correctness’ despite being under a political limelight. If Trump refuses to act within the standard boundaries of politics, what evidence do we have to assure us he will act within the standard boundaries of democracy?

Beneath all of this, however, is the central issue regarding what each candidate stands for. Donald Trump’s resume attests to misogyny, xenophobia, racism and backward thinking. He has repetitively been criticized for making offensive statements and conducting himself in an inappropriate manner. 

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These central themes of his character go far beyond his words, however, and can be seen in his actions. His treatment of those around him is unacceptably dependent on their race, sexuality, gender, weight, and even whether or not they have a disability. 

His entire platform is divisive, promising to “Make America Great Again” even though every era of American history has been driven by discrimination. The contrast in the implications of this and Hillary’s platform “Stronger Together” speaks for itself.

Election years are pivotal for the U.S. They give us an opportunity to decide what kind of country we want to be. This year, we decide whether we want to be progressive or regressive; inclusive or divisive. 

With fundamental principles such as choice, equality and diversity under attack, the Kernel is entrusting Hillary Clinton with the responsibility of protecting the values that make America great.

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