Kentucky governor lacks morals in text to Attorney General


Kentucky governor Matt Bevin addresses the Commonwealth with his budget for the next two years on Tuesday at the Capitol building in Frankfort.

By the editorial board

In a Sept. 26 text to Attorney General Andy Beshear, Governor Matt Bevin said, “I would strongly suggest you get your house in order. Your office is becoming an increasing embarrassment to the commonwealth.” 

The negligence of Gov. Bevin highlights a growing political trend of bullying, and a lack of accountability highlighted at the top of the G.O.P. Presidential ticket by Donald Trump.

Bevin is simply another businessman turned politician, much like Trump, who thinks he can game the political system the same way he gamed Wall Street and the middle-class to accumulate his wealth and success. 

Elected in Nov. 2015, Bevin has and continues to show his lack of how the government operates, often crying wolf when decisions don’t fall his way, claiming they’re “politically motivated.”

This new era of politics that throws political correctness, or what can be referred to as common human decency, to the side, opting for a playground bully mentality of tearing someone down due to how they look, what they believe, or what they want to do with their lives is extremely disturbing and goes against everything we were taught growing up. 

What kind of message are we sending to future generations? That it’s okay to tear someone else down to build yourself up? 

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These values being pushed to the forefront of our political landscape go against most of the values parents try to instill in their children.

According to an April report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, bullying in K-12 schools has risen during this election cycle, and many teachers feel uncomfortable discussing the election in class. 

In a Sept. 28 press conference, Attorney General Beshear addressed these questions.

“In Kentucky when the governor comes to a town, people bring their kids,” Beshear said. “It’s an important role, and we need to have a positive role model in that spot that is not spouting negativism and vitriol and attacks, and I hope the governor realizes and embraces that role and that we see a change.” 

Politicians need to put their egos aside and be the public servants they were elected to be. 

You holding office isn’t about advancing your own agendas, but advancing the policies and agendas that will best help your constituents to live peaceful, prosperous lives.

The playground tussles taking place between Bevin, Beshear and others in the political sphere have gone on for too long and the people most hurt by the political stand-still are hard-working middle-class families.  

There’s not a voice more powerful than the voice of the American people. 

This newfound hate and division in our politics only sets us further back from achieving prosperity. 

We can accomplish so much more when we come together as one rather than dividing ourselves through hate and prejudice. 

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