Arkane Studios delivers with “Dishonored 2”

Dalton Stokes

“Dishonored 2,” the long awaited sequel to the award-winning action adventure game “Dishonored,” released almost 3 weeks ago and so far it has been a complete success. The original “Dishonored” released in 2012 and received numerous awards, including game of the year.

“Dishonored” was praised for its dark, dismal narrative in which the sum of many small decisions made by the player can change the entire outcome of the game. 

“Dishonored 2” has expanded upon that by not only allowing the player to take on several different approaches to the game, but by allowing them to pick between two different characters to play as. 

Each character has an array of different mystical powers at their disposal, accompanied by an arsenal of various gadgets and weapons that make the player think tactically to best utilize their tools to accomplish the mission. 

The player can choose to either silently take out their targets or to charge in and face their enemies head on in combat. These decisions can affect the outcome of the game, as killing specific characters can yield potentially negative results in the future. 

While the gameplay is very flexible the overall pacing and tone of the game is borderline monotonous. Many of the missions feel all too similar; each time it’s go sneak into this building and assassinate or eliminate this target. Arkane Studios expanded upon the universe that “Dishonored” is based in very well. In the original game, the entire experience was bound to the dying city of Dunwall, in a mysterious steampunk world. “Dishonored 2” greatly develops upon this world by showing an entirely new city, with an entirely different ruler, and the interaction between the two city states. 

This masterfully created narrative world pairs well with the game’s diverse gameplay and its mysterious and dark story to immerse the player into the world they are playing in. Overall, “Dishonored 2” has lived up to the expectations set by its predecessor and Arkane Studios has delivered another all around good game that is already proving to be a riveting success.

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