More college women paying for school through “sugar daddies”

Madison Rexroat

As college expenses increase and student debt deepens, several college women are turning to an alternative way of making money: sugar daddies.

Though not a new concept, sugar baby/daddy relationships have reached a new market in struggling college students. There are even dating websites that claim to set up young, educated women in college with wealthy, older men.

One of these websites, Seeking Arrangement, announced in 2013 that 44 percent of its “babies” are in college. In fact, women who register with an .edu email account receive a premium membership while the men have to pay as much as $1,200.

Instead of escort services that are mostly about exchanging sex for money, these sugar baby websites, while they almost always include sex, are also about recruiting and providing educated women that can attend business functions and imply a deeper relationship with the sugar daddy. Some, however, still question whether or not it is, in fact, prostitution. 

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