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The Student News Site of University of Kentucky

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Racial hate crime committed at WKU students’ apartment

Madison Rexroat January 18, 2018

Just days after Martin Luther King Day and an act of vandalism at UK’s Jewish Student Center, another hate crime incident occurred at Western Kentucky University.Two black WKU students were greeted yesterday...

More women now in medical school than men

Madison Rexroat January 17, 2018

Female medical students have now surpassed male medical students in schools across the U.S., becoming the majority for the first time ever.50.7 percent of the incoming medical school class in 2017 were...

International students outnumber American students in graduate schools

Madison Rexroat November 21, 2017

In a growing era for graduate school, the ones taking most advantage of it aren’t Americans, but international students.International students are outnumbered at the undergraduate level, but at the graduate...

Student journalists banned from class at Duke

Madison Rexroat November 20, 2017

According to a class syllabus for Economics 381 “Inside Hedge Funds,” students who work with Duke’s school newspaper, The Chronicle, are not welcome. “Students will be asked to keep the information...

Schools overemphasize getting out of comfort zones, sometimes to the detriment of introverts

November 1, 2017

Any college student knows that group projects are a given for any class, and as much as they are dreaded by students everywhere, professors continue to make them a large part of your grade. Despite the...

Colleges pay big in lawsuits from students accused of sexual assault

October 25, 2017

Sexual assault has garnered a lot more necessary attention in the past few years, but with that attention comes conflict. While there have been more investigations into sexual assault on college campuses,...

What to know about student loans before getting married

Madison Rexroat October 23, 2017

Marriage is a big life step, but it also comes with huge financial impacts, one of which is your student loan payments.Before getting married, each person should be clear about how much student debt they...

New student housing facility approved near UK

Madison Rexroat October 16, 2017

A student apartment complex at the corner of Limestone and Virginia was approved last month. The 1.8-acre property will hold a six-story apartment complex with 190 apartments and 574 beds.The ground floor...

Bourbon-related TV show coming to Kentucky

Madison Rexroat October 2, 2017

A new family comedy is coming to Kentucky, based on none other than a bourbon distillery.The 30-minute NBC show is set to be called “Sour Mash” and will feature a Latina chemist who moves from Brooklyn...

Newly selected sorority women race down Rose Street Sunday after hearing which awaiting house on Greek Row would become their new home-away-from-home. Photo by Josh Mott | Staff

You can actually hire a consultant for rush week

Madison Rexroat September 22, 2017

Sure, you can have a tutor, a hair stylist, an accountant, etc. but you can also have a sorority recruitment consultant. Yes, you read that right.In a world of hectic rush weeks and competitive recruitment...

Is the college bubble about to burst?

Madison Rexroat September 20, 2017

The industry of higher education has expanded significantly for decades, but that expansion has slowed down.For the past 30 years, higher education has enjoyed a boom of demand and prosperity, with prices...

Gov. Bevin urges colleges to cut unprofitable programs

Madison Rexroat September 15, 2017

At a higher education conference on Tuesday, Gov. Matt Bevin recommended that colleges adapt to tighter state budgets by cutting entire programs on their campuses.Anything that isn’t creating graduates...

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