Crowdfunded Friday the 13th game misses mark

Dalton Stokes

In May, a new game released based on the hit movie franchise “Friday the 13th.” This new hit game displayed the power of crowdfunding, but doesn’t live up to the hype.

Friday the 13th: The Game raised over $1 million on crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and BackerKit.

The way this crowdfunding system works is if someone has a cool idea, they can make a Kickstarter and anyone can go on the website and donate any amount of money. The donations can be as small as one dollar or as big as a few hundred.

People who donate enough get rewards such as a preview of the product before it hits the market.

For this project, if you donated enough, you could be a part of the game-making process by naming cabins or making achievements. Donors of more than $10,000 were included in the game as a character. Smaller donation bonuses included copies of the game, early access to the beta, sound tracks and other digital content.

The game itself is mediocre at best and criminally overpriced. The game is fun and great with friends, but its downfall lies in its lack of content and extreme repetitiveness.

The game supports up to eight players in an entirely multiplayer experience. This means without internet the game is unplayable. Each of the seven players plays as a camp counselor who is running from the famed Jason Voorhees controlled by the eighth player. The player controlling Jason has to hunt down and brutally kill each other player to win.

The councilors have to run, hide and scavenge for things to help them escape the camp. There are a few ways to win. The councilors can escape from the camp by fixing up a car or boat and driving away. They can call the police and be rescued, or they can survive for 15 minutes.

This is really fun and suspenseful for around the first 10 to 20 playthroughs, but after that doing the same things over and over gets tired. The game features a few different maps that have randomly generated things for the players to scavenge for.

The player can find a map to find their way around easier, or a knife or gun to fight back against Jason. Jason can’t be killed, only stunned by shooting him with a gun or whacking him with a baseball bat.

After 15 or so playthroughs you’ve pretty much done everything the game has to offer. The game gets less scary the more you play it, and it gets tired after a few hours of gameplay. Overall the game is fun and creative but it is not worth the whopping $40 being charged for it.