Moses Douglass follows in father’s footsteps at UK


Kentucky freshman defensive back Moses Douglass. Photo provided by UK Athletics.

Madison Dennis

Moses Douglass will be following in his father’s footsteps as he carries on his legacy at UK playing safety this fall.

Maurice Douglass, head football coach at Springfield High School, former UK football player and former NFL player, has sent many of his players to college because “God gave him a chance,” and he said he believes his purpose is to help students achieve their dreams. He has recently sent off his own child, Moses, for his first semester at UK.

“It’s going to be an adjustment for me because I am so used to having him back there in the secondary and he make all the calls and stuff like that,” Maurice said.

Part of their close relationship has formed because of their hours of watching film together since Moses was young.

“The more you know, the more you can play,” Maurice said.

He spent 10 seasons in the NFL and credits one of his previous coaches, Jim LaRue, for teaching him that life lesson and continues to live by it.

Moses also lives by this lesson, and both use it to strengthen their passion for the game.

“We both are really passionate about the game and the things that go in it,” Maurice said.

When Moses became one of Maurice’s players instead of just a son, their bond started to change into something different.

“It was hard my freshman year because he was always in my ear, but football made our bond stronger,” Moses said.

As time went on, Maurice decided he was going to be a father at home and a coach on the field.

Following in his father’s footsteps was not the only deciding factor in joining the Wildcats– Moses joins his former high school teammate and defensive tackle Kordell Looney, and head coach Mark Stoops’ history with defensive backs also helped influence his decision.

Maurice said he thought the location of UK was also a big part of why his son found the school a good fit. Maurice described Moses as a “family man,” and is looking forward to his family being able to watch him play.

He will be majoring in broadcast journalism.

“I am just excited to get to know everybody, to start building my connections for the business world,” Moses said.

Academics hold high importance in his life because his parents always made sure it was a priority. His mother, Camela Douglass, is a professor at Central State.

Maurice reiterated the importance of a degree, saying “that paper carries power.”

Through the years together, the Douglass duo shares many memories on the field.

“When I got my first touchdown. I don’t remember what my dad was doing but after I gave him a hug and said ‘we did it,’” Moses said of his favorite memory.

His first touchdown also marked the first time the Springfield Wildcats beat their rival, Wayne, in eight years.

The 6-foot-2, 186-pounder is very eager to have his chance to compete and do what he loves. Despite his high football IQ and strong passion for the game, he admits he needs to work on his composure on the field.

Maurice said he believes his son will get more out of his time at UK to develop than what he did because he will attend for four years instead of Maurice’s two years.

Stoops and the UK gave Maurice a chance for him to live out his dreams and he hopes they will do the same for his son.