UK’s first fall break gives students a break after midterms


Illustration by Tory Stephenson | Staff

Sydney Momeyer

Next week will mark the University of Kentucky’s first fall break.

Students will get a break after midterms and before Thanksgiving, the first of its kind at the school. In the past, students went to school from August through November before receiving a break.

Students on campus are eager for the break, stating that it will be a “nice reprieve.”

“Especially after midterms,” said first year graduate student William Breslove. “I think it will probably be really nice to have.”

In April 2018, incumbent Student Body President Ben Childress delivered the proposal to the University Senate to add a fall break to the UK academic calendar.

A main drive behind the idea to add the break was to help ensure students stay mentally healthy in preparation for the rest of the semester.

“I think this will help academic success. I think it’ll help mental health and wellness, and I think it’s just one of those no nonsense policies,” Childress told the Kernel when the decision was made in 2018 to add the break. “I think it’s a win for the whole campus.”

In the past, fall semester has generally started on a Wednesday in August. This year, it started on a Monday to help accommodate the days that will be missed, causing a later start in the month than usual.

The late start and fall break comes with a price, however. Winter break will now start on Dec. 20, versus earlier in the month as it did in years before.

Though there is a now a delay in winter break, some students are unbothered by the extended semester.

“It might be nice to have an extra couple days, even if it means sacrificing a bit of winter break,” Breslove said. “It’s probably not the end of the world.”

Breslove is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During his break, he intends to take some time to explore Lexington a little bit.

For other students like freshman Molly Tierny, they will be returning to their hometown to relax and potentially pick up some extra work hours. 

“I’ll probably just go back to work,” Tierny said.

According to UK Housing, campus dorms will remain open during this break, unlike Thanksgiving and winter break. 

UK’s fall break will be on the Monday and Tuesday of Oct. 21 and 22. Monday marks midterm for the semester.