UK offers pass/fail grading for all undergraduate classes

Emily Girard

UK undergraduate students can now take any of their Spring 2020 classes under a pass/fail grading system.

UK does not typically allow students to take major, minor or UK Core classes pass/fail. However, the University Senate Council voted to make the change in order to promote student success despite the changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We know this isn’t how [students] planned to finish out the Spring 2020 semester,” UK Provost David Blackwell said in an email. “We couldn’t be more proud of how [they]  have handled these hardships.”

Students wishing to change a course from letter grading to pass/fail grading should contact their advisors. Students also still have the option to withdraw from a course or request an Incomplete if they feel unable to finish the course. All changes must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on May 1.

This program does not apply to graduate or professional courses. Graduate and professional students should contact faculty about whether or not P grades will be accepted in their programs. Additionally, Blackwell recommended that students verify grading requirements when applying to graduate or professional programs.

“Some programs will continue to require that a student earn a minimum letter grade to progress in a program,” he explained. “For instance, an underlying grade of ‘C’ may be required in a particular course to progress in your program, even though you elect pass/fail grading in that course.”