Students feel stress for midterms but see light at end of the tunnel


Students take notes in Jill Day’s History & Philosophy of Physical Education & Sport class on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021, at White Hall Classroom Building in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Jack Weaver | Staff

Josh Ford

Midterms are one of the most stressful times of the year for most college students. In a year in which higher education and learning has been upended almost completely, the benchmark tests students face come with unique challenges. 

Study spots like UK’s libraries are not open 24 hours a day like in previous years. Even during hours of operation, seating is reduced to accommodate social distancing. Some students say changes like these have complicated their education.

“Midterms are already stressful enough, but COVID has made everything 10x more stressful. It is much more difficult to learn and gain knowledge through zoom, lectures, and self- teaching,” Jon-Michael Stallard, a senior family science major, said.

Stallard said a weight is lifted off of him following midterms, a feeling many other students say they experience.

“I feel a sense of relief after midterms,” said Jacob Lewis, a senior integrated strategic communication major said. “Being a senior it’s just one more milestone to graduation. I’m super excited and thankful to be able to on campus and come one step closer to getting my degree.”

The midterm milestone tells students that they are halfway to the end of the semester – a source of concern for students who need to raise their grades, but a comfort to those pushing towards the finish line.

Jovita Devasia, a junior biology major, said midterms leave her with a sense of accomplishment.

“There are lots of assignments and exams which can drastically affect my grades, it is a period where I solely focus on school. However, after midterms, there is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment that my hard work has paid off and I am closer to the end of the semester,” Devasia said. She added that because midterms are usually right before a break, she can look forward to a change of pace and chance to recover from the hectic pace of midterms.

Not all students feel the same relief.

Ahmed Ayyash, a junior chemistry major, said “midterms had me stressed, and I’m still stressed.”

With no spring break and an altered semester, midterms this semester may not have the same sense of accomplishment. But that should make the rewards of finishing finals week that much sweeter.