Kentucky hits one million vaccinations in ninth week of declining cases

Alexis Martin

Just three months after receiving its first doses of COVID-19 vaccines, Kentucky hit one million vaccinations in the Commonwealth on Monday, March 15.

Gov. Andy Beshear and First Lady Britainy Beshear hosted a special event for the milestone injections.

“This is great progress considering the first doses only arrived in our state in mid-December,” Beshear said in his daily briefing on March 11.

Beshear predicted that Kentucky will meet the President Joe Biden’s goal of having every adult vaccinated by the end of May.

“Two months, two weeks. Every adult in Kentucky that wants a vaccine is going to be able to get one,” Beshear said. Kentucky has 567 active vaccinations sites. Beshear is expected to release an updated list on vaccine eligibility on Thursday.

Kentucky is in its ninth straight week of declining COVID-19 cases. Beshear reported 396 new cases on Monday, with 464 Kentuckians hospitalized, 114 in the ICU and 67 on a ventilator. The positivity rate is 3.99% and “we are glad it is under 4,” Beshear said.

Despite these improvements, Kentucky has now recorded 5,005 deaths from COVID-19.

Beshear warned Kentuckians to stay vigilant through St. Patrick’s Day and spring break.

“If the capacity limitations are observed and the seat rule is observed then we ought to have some level of protection. If people refuse to follow the rules and the establishments don’t, then yes, we could see more cases and that means we might have to strengthen some of the restrictions,” Beshear said.

Restrictions have been loosened for licensed childcare businesses, which can return to pre-COVID-19 class sizes.

The classrooms must stay in groups and not mix groups of children, provide personal protective equipment and implement social distancing.

In his Monday briefing, Beshear also gave more information on the permanent memorial to honor the 5,000 and counting Kentuckians who have died from COVID-19.

“We want to remember the compassion, the way the Kentuckians came together and the way that we finish this and get everyone vaccinated.”

The monument will be at the Capital Monument Park. Kentuckians can donate to the memorial fund for the monument at

Donations can be made in honor of someone and our tax deductible. If there are extra funds after the monument is completed, they will be given to help Kentuckians who have lost a loved one.

Beshear ended the press conference by thanking Kentuckians for their sacrifices helping the state to beat COVID-19.

“We’re going to beat this thing. Don’t give up at the end. Let’s keep going,” Beshear said.