How to Treat On-the-Go Stains


How to Treat On-the-Go Stains

(StatePoint) Whether it’s spilling a to-go coffee on your stark white shirt or dropping your blush brush in your lap, stains can happen anywhere at any time, even to the most poised among us. But how — and when — you deal with the stain can impact whether your garment survives the snafu.

While spills that occur at home can instantly and easily be treated by flushing the garment under cold water (don’t use hot water as it can cause the stain to set), when you’re on-the-go, you’ll need a fast solution that doesn’t require a wardrobe change.

One convenient way to ensure your clothes stay good as new, come what may, is by keeping a stain remover pen with you. For an effective option that’s safe for all colorfast, washable fabrics and doesn’t leave a residue, try the OxiClean On the Go Stain Remover pen. Recommended by 91% of reviewers, according to PowerReviews, it works great on common food, drink and makeup stains, tackling anything from spaghetti to soy sauce in two steps:

1. Remove excess residue from the stain and place a napkin behind the fabric.

2. Squeeze the pen, and use its scrubber tip like an eraser to eliminate the stain.

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A good quality stain removal pen can save the day, but only if you’re prepared. To be ready for every situation, consider keeping a stain remover pen in your desk or workplace, in your everyday purse or bag, and in your carry-on suitcase when you travel.


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